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Title: The shortage liquidity financial institutions 2007 forced write bad debts particulary emanating securisation prime residential mortgages Discuss LEHMAN BROTHERS FAILS In work expect examine inter bank markets discuss failures lehman brothers

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Essay Instructions: The shortage of liquidity among financial institutions from 2007 when forced to write off bad debts particulary those emanating from the securisation of sub-prime residential mortgages.

In this work they expect me to examine the inter-bank markets and discuss the failures of lehman and brothers.

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Works Cited:


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Title: The writer watch a movie called Margin Call It's a fictionalized version happened Lehman Brothers fell beginning Financial crash 2007 Write 5 pages movie relate concepts learned economics movie Could writer knowledge microeconomics

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Essay Instructions: The writer must watch a movie called "Margin Call" It's a fictionalized version of what happened with Lehman Brothers when they fell at the beginning of the Financial crash of 2007. Write 5 pages about the movie and relate the concepts you have learned from economics against the movie. Could the writer please have knowledge about microeconomics. My class is microeconomics 182. Thanks so much

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Investopedia. (2013). Market failure. Investopedia. Retrieved November 20, 2013 from http://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/marketfailure.as

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Title: Case that needs to apply GAAP

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Essay Instructions: A report issued on March 11, 2010 by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York detailed how Lehman Brothers, would sell its assets shortly before the end of a period and then buy them back shortly thereafter. These transactions were known as a “Repo 105” within Lehman. Discuss in no more than three pages (double spaced) what a Repo 105 transaction is, how it may have masked the financial position of Lehman, and what applicable Generally Accepted Accounting Principle(s) govern these transactions. Your paper should include a statement as to how you would have treated these transactions. Cite at least two sources to support your arguments. Your fourth page should include a list of works cited.

Header: For every page
Format for “Right Justify”
Type your Last Name in all caps with a space between each letter
Insert a hyphen (“-“) with a space on either side of the hyphen
Using the Header and Footer tool bar, click on “Insert Page Number”

Page 1 Only: This header is in the “body” of the first page only!
Format for Right Justify
Type your First and Last Name
Type the Course Name and Campus (TUCC or Ambler)
Type the Assignment Name and/or #
Type the date the paper is due
Double space
Type the name of the paper centered in 14 point bold font

Body: Format font to “Times New Roman 12”
1” left and right margins
1” top and bottom margins

Collated: Papers should be stapled in the upper left corner

The Superior Paper (A/A-) will have:
Thesis: Easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, insightful, crystal clear. Connects well with paper title.
Structure: Evident, understandable, appropriate for thesis. Excellent transitions from point to point. Paragraphs support solid topic sentences.
Use of evidence: Primary source information used to buttress every point with at least one example. Examples support mini-thesis and fit within paragraph. Excellent integration of quoted material into sentences. Demonstrates an in depth understanding of the ideas in the assigned reading and critically evaluates/responds to those ideas in an analytical, persuasive manner.
Analysis: Author clearly relates evidence to "mini-thesis" (topic sentence); analysis is fresh and exciting, posing new ways to think of the material. Work displays critical thinking and avoids simplistic description or summary of information.
Logic and argumentation: All ideas in the paper flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound. Creates appropriate college level, academic tone.
Conclusion: The conclusion will draw together the initial position statement made at the opening of the paper and the points presented in the body of the paper.
Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, and diction are excellent; correct use of punctuation and citation style; minimal to no spelling errors; absolutely no run-on sentences or comma splices. Conforms in every way to format requirements.
Papers will be graded in accordance with the matrix attached to the syllabus.

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Durden, Tyler. (2010). The "Repo 105" Scam: How Lehman Fooled Everyone (Including

Allegedly Dick Fuld) and How Other Banks Are Likely Doing This Right Now. Retreived

April 10, 2011, from Web site: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/repo-105-scam-how-lehman-fooled-everyone-including-allegedly-dick-fuld-and-how-other-banks-a

Goldstein, Jacob. (2011). Repo 105: Lehman's 'Accounting Gimmick' Explained. Retreived April

10, 2011, from Web site:


Jones, Ashby. (2010). Good With GAAP: A Preview of Ernst & Young's Legal Defense?

Retreived April 10, 2011, from Web site: http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2010/12/22/good-with-gaap-a-preview-of-ernst-youngs-legal-defense/

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Title: recession

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Essay Instructions: 1.Topic: recession
-introduction:- what is recession
-the cause of the current recession in america
example:real estate and mortgages in the US as well as the fall of lehman brothers.Add more if possible
-the effect of the recession: unemployment,bankruptcies, deflation.
-what is done and can be done to improve the recession in America
-last paragraph:conclusion

2. Sources can only be from articles no website reference.(minimum 10 sources)
Please do not use sources dated after november 27.
Some of the articles (may choose not to use my source):

Berube, Alan, Karen Dynan, and Ted Gayer."What's blocking the recovery." The Washington
Post 15 Nov. 2009: A21. Web. 23 Nov. 2009.
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Vancouver Sun 1 Sept. 2009: A9. Web. 7 Sept. 2009. login?url=http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=1&Fmt=3&clientId=
Grisales, Claudia. "In a tough job market, workers find money for training that opens doors
employment: Programs offer money for job training ." Austin American Statesman 23 Nov.
2009: A1. ProQuest. Web. 25 Nov. 2009. < http://ezp.pasadena.edu/login?url=http://
Hoar, William P. "Correction, Please!." The New American. Appleton 14 Sept. 2009: 41-43.
Web. 20 Sept. 2009.
Irwin, Neil , and Michael A. Fletcher. "Nation's jobless rate tops 10 percent; Surge to 26-year
high puts damper on signs that recession is over ." The Washington Post 7 Nov. 2009:
A1. Web. 14 Nov. 2009.
Richter, Ed . "Housing, consumer sectors key to economic recovery." McClatchy - Tribune
Business News 27 Nov. 2009 [Washington].Web. 28 Nov. 2009.
Semuels, Alana. " State ekes out a rise in jobs; But unemployment in California still climbs as
more seek work. ." Los Angeles Times 21 Nov. 2009: A1. Web. 25 Nov. 2009.
-Peter S. Goodman,Jobs Report Highlights Shaky U.S.Recover The New York Times 10/3/09
-Peter S. Goodman and Jack Healy:In Unemployment Report, Signs of a Jobless Recovery The New York Times 9/5/09
-Allan H. Meltzer :What Happened to the 'Depression'? The Wall Street Journal 8/31/09
-Mort Zuckerman:The free market is not up to the job of creating work ,Financial Times 10/19/09
-Mohamed El-Erian :Return of the old ways of thinking threatens recovery Financial Times 9/28/09
-Ian Bremmer and Nouriel Roubini :How the Fed Can Avoid the Next Bubble The Wall Street Journal 10/5/09

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Excerpt From Essay:

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