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Title: Social Media, the Internet and the Healthcare Industry

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Essay Instructions: Please write an in depth review of a legal topic; the topic is (Legal Ethics of E-mail and Social Media and its Applicability to the Healthcare Industry )

While the paper should focus on Legal Ethics of E-mail and Social Media and its Applicability to the Healthcare Industry, it MUST relate to HEALTHCARE legal issues in health care administration.

Please guard against the paper being too broad that it lacks focus or too narrow that you cannot find sufficient references.

Law Review journals are a good research source. Additional sources are the websites for the American Health Lawyers Association and Health Care Compliance Association. Some additional journal sources are listed below:

Journal Title

· Health Affairs
· Health Economics Policy and Law
· Journal of Health Care Finance
· Journal of Health Economics
· Journal of Health Policy Politics and Law
· Journal of Human Resources
· Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
· Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

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Excerpt From Essay:

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