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Title: Business Law

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Essay Instructions: Legal brief

Managed Health Care assoc. v. Kethan 209 E3D 923 (6th Cir. 2000)Please prepare a brief. Then is a separate paragraph discuss whether or not you agree with the courts decision. Why? or Why not?

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Title: School Law

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Essay Instructions: Legal Brief as relates to School Law
Case; Dawson v. East Side Union High School District
Focus; Whittle Communications,L.P., a for profit publisher,ddeveloped an educational network and audio-video channel called Channel One to transmit into schools a daily program consisting of 10 minutes of current events and 2 minutes of commercial ads by vendors of teen products. Whittle ofered its program and the necessary recieving equipment to schools free of charge, because it relied on profits from the sale to commercial vendors of advertising time on its network. The state Superintendent of Public Instruction opposed use of Channel One in public schools, while the California State Board of Education concluded that th use of Channel One was lawful and within the authority of the local school districts. Following the decision by the school board of the East Side Union High School District to use Channel One for its high school, the superintendent and others brought suit to enjoin that use. The trial court denied the injunction and the appeals court affirmed that ruling.
I will fax the opinions of the court. I need to identify the issue and an analysis of the case. Plus the following two questions. (1) Could the court reasonably have construed the authority of the state board more liberaly to arrive at a contrary result? (2) What guidelines may administrators who are considering potential educational uses of commercially driven Internet technology draw from the above opinion?
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Constituational Law

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Essay Instructions: You are a first year associate with the firm of Doowe, Cheatham & Howe. Mr. Howe, the senior partner in the firm, has asked you to prepare a legal brief on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. Mr. Howe specifically wants you to brief him on the following:
1. Who were the petitioner(s) and respondent(s)?
2. Who delivered the opinion of the Court?
3. What issue(s) was before the Court?
4. Give a brief background of the case.
5. What was the holding (ruling) of the Court and why?

Mr. Howe expects your brief on his desk NLT than the end of week 7. Your brief should be double spaced and not exceed 10 pages in length.

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Essay Instructions: Business Law531
Equal Opportunity Legal brief:
Senior Management has become increasingly concerned with the potential for a lawsuit against the company foe Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Issues. Before hiring an attorney Senior Management has ask each of you to find a legal case concerning these issues and provide them with a one-page brief of the case. A case brief should contain the name of the case, a one or two sentence statement of the holding of the case, a summary of the facts, and summary of the reasoning the court used to reach its decision.

Watch the Equal Opportunity (Chapter 33): Isaiah Thomas video located on the University of Phoenix Student Website.

Consider this Isaiah Thomas case, a case in the textbook, or one located through your research that is related to a discriminatory issue.

Write a one page brief of the identified case and attach a copy of the full decision to your brief;

Write a short description of why you feel the case you selected is relevant for Senior Management to consider. This short description should be no longer than one page and is in addition to the one page brief.

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