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Title: interview day of shadowing

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Essay Instructions: Learning Experience Journal Entry #3 MUST USE TWO NURSING JOURNAL ARTICLES AS REFERENCES
Journal entry #3 for your learning experience with a representative from the Human Resources personnel responsible for legal and regulatory affairs.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance
This role requires expertise in human resource laws and in the rules and regulations that guide human resource management, including regulatory compliance. Compliance with these laws, rules, and regulations ensures that the organization will protect employee rights, attend to employee safety, and meet external standards. The individual in this position provides relevant information to nurse managers and nurse executives, supports them in understanding and interpreting laws and regulatory standards, and provides consultation around specific employee issues to ensure adherence to legal requirements.
observing individuals performing the functions listed below. You should plan to spend sufficient time to develop a sense of the primary activities in which the individuals engage and get a thorough sense of their role.

be sure to note your observations, thoughts, and insights regarding their roles and functions and how they are carried out.

• A description of the role and functions of the individual(s) within the context of the organization, and a synopsis of what you observed and the activities you participated in during the learning experience
• An analysis of the primary roles and functions as they relate to nursing and patient services
• Insights you gained into the leadership behaviors or style of the individual you accompanied as a result of your observations and interactions
• A summary of your learning experiences that compares your observations to sources from the literature that present evidence, best practices, or standards related to the specific roles (3 point).
Sources of support for your analysis may include your Learning Resources (texts, articles, videos) but should also include journal articles from nursing and other professional literature. Use these sources to support the observations and conclusions you reach and cite them in the appropriate place in your summary. Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles along with other sources. The goal is to analyze what you observed and relate it to course objectives, leadership and management theory and practice, and applications cited in the professional literature.

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Title: Role Theory Framework for Implementing the Nurse Educator Role

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Essay Instructions: Learning Experience #1: Interview your site supervisor to learn about teaching, service, and scholarship expectations in the educator role.
• Prepare for this interview by reviewing what the Learning Resources have to say about role theory and socialization, and about the responsibilities and competencies you identified (in Week 1’s Discussion) for your educational practice specialty.
• Create a list of interview questions, including the following:
o How have you fulfilled the expected roles of teacher, scholar, change agent, leader, clinician, and service provider?
o In what ways have you experienced role stress/strain? How do you handle it?
• Conduct the interview.

Learning Experience #2: Self-Designed Learning Activity: Plan the details of how you will complete the approved learning experience you have developed. For this experience, focus on an activity that is a new experience for you and will support your development as an educator.
• What was the specific gap in knowledge you intended to target through this self-designed learning experience?
• What did you learn from this experience that you will be able to apply in your future teaching practice?
• Provide one specific example of how you would include the new knowledge in a teaching situation.
• Relate your observations to what is identified in standards, literature, and supporting evidence of best practices.

Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and any additional sources. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your citations in the text and reference list are correct.

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Essay Instructions: I have uploaded modual criteria and my essay

I am a commmunity nurse inthe UK, I visit people in their own home, this course is about palliative care. Suggested reading Kulber ross, John Ellershaw, A pathway to excellence (2011) Gerard Egan, The Skilled helper, 9th edition (2010) plus I have reference in my assignment that I upload which has feedback on from my tutor....

The title should be::: My significant learning experience .....................

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Title: Learning Experience Plan

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Essay Instructions: Week 1 Assignment

Application 1: Learning Experience Plan

The learning experience in this course is designed to familiarize you with the roles of nurse educators in a setting similar to one that you will choose to practice in. During Week 1 you will design a Learning Experience Plan (LEP) that will help you complete this experience.

This LEP defines the understanding and expectations for students undertaking a learning experience in a nursing education setting. The learning experience for this course requires a total of 16 to 24 hours. Students will submit a LEP outlining the details for faculty review and approval in Week 1.

The LEP is a 2- to 3-page paper outlining the plan to be carried out in a nursing education setting. The plan should identify new experiences that will be of benefit in your professional growth as a nurse educator. The LEP is worth 20 points. Before beginning to write spend some time thinking about the site you have chosen, your site supervisor, and what you hope to accomplish during the 16 to 24 hours of learning experience. You should also consider the course objectives.

The LEP must include the following areas:
•An overall goal for the learning experience based on your professional interests and the objectives for this course.
•Two objectives for each of the learning experiences that you will complete and write about later in your journal entries:
?-?LE #1: Interview of a nurse educator.
?-?LE #2 & 4: Self designed learning experiences: You will complete two of these. These experiences should be new experiences for you and involve direct observation in an educational setting. Write two objectives for each. Also include a brief description of each of the two self-directed learning experiences to be completed as part of the plan.
?-?LE #3: Observation of a committee meeting related to an educational program or issue.

Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and any additional sources. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your citations in the text and reference list are correct.
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