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Title: Alcoholism

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Essay Instructions: This order, if possible, for Devorah. An addition to id: 26389 r 5203. In the review of the literature you cited 10 or 11 sources. I would like a continuation of the literature review with at least 4 or 5 more sources. (They must be REPUTABLE social science journals, on line sources will be O.K. as long as I can have copies and they are reputable. On research paper26389 (remember, this research paper is a 35 page continuation of that paper. one) . Must contain 35 additional pages. In addition to any additional literature review, I require a
STATEMENT OF HYPOTHESIS: Based on on the literature review state a predicted answerto the research question. The research question is not adequately defined in the problem statment but needs to be now. I was looking for a correlation between alcoholism as a learned behavior and self esteem
METHOD: This would allow replication of this study and identify strengths and weaknesses to repeat or avoid. It should read like a cookbook receipe and clearly and concisely outline steps taken to complete the study. This section should include a discription of possible subjects in sample, and or instruments (including how the outcome variable; also how the reliability and validity data of instruments used to collect data, and procedure ( how is the data set up and how will it be collected).. The method could be a CORRELATION:( obtaining measures on two variables and compare).
APPENDIX: Must have an Appendix which shoul include all poossible graphs and instruments used. Appendix is also a must. Please remember that on the reference page all references must not only be there and cited in the paper, but must also be on the literature review. I MUST have copies of all additional references when paper is delivered, and this new paper must be an additional 35 pages. Here are the original instructions for 26389r5203, in case you do not have a copy.

Devorah, if possible, only if possible within the time limit

When research is completed, at the time it is sent, I MUST also have copies of all material used. (complete journal articles) sent with paper. This is absolutely necessary. I need research on alcoholism , inborn or learned. My research is to lean toward genetic.A person can be born with a predisposition to alcoholism, what if anything can be done.
I need the following in ApA style: Introduction which describes the nature of the research topic which is alcoholism inborn or learned , leaning toward learned (nature). Why is it important to the field of social work? Include any ethical or legal considerations and how they will be resolved.
Next I need a statement of the problem (problem statement). Must be stated clearly, unambiguous termsthe research question to be investigated with this study. Provide appropiate definitions of all ambiguous terms.
Review of literature (very important), must be APA style, and approx. 5 pages.Should be recent, within the last 5 years. The purpose of the review is to provide a rationale for your study and must include citationsd from at leat 10 research articles. The articles to be selected from reputable social science journals. What have others said about the topic? What theories address it and what do they say? Are there consistent findings or do past studies disagree? Are there flaws in the body of existing research that can be remedied How will this study relate to, yet go beyond previous studies If you have difficulty finding articles in journals, up to three ERIC documents may be used. I MUST have complete copies of all journal articles used.. This section should be no less then 5 pages long and must include a summary paragraph for the entire literature review.
Statement of Hypothesis. Based on literature review , state predicted answer to the research paper.
Free Bibligraphy,( reference page)
Please remember, MUST be APA style, and must have complete copies of literature (references used), and sent along with research papers.

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A www.mhsip.org/reportcard/rosenberg.PDF

Alcoholism as learned behavior

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Title: Topic Domestic Violence Why a learned behavior 1 It Argumentative essay consult 4 critical sources a book journal internet article choice prove domestic violence a learned behavior WHY a learned behavior

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Domestic Violence: Why is it a learned behavior?

1. It has to be an Argumentative essay in which you consult 4 critical sources: a book, one journal and an internet article and one of your choice, to prove that domestic violence its a learned behavior and WHY it is a learned behavior. It has to explain WHY!!!!!!!!

2. Include an opposing point of view where someone might say it is not a learned behavior and then reaffirm why it is a learn behavior. (PROOF THEM YOUR POINT)

3. Please include the works cited.

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Works Cited

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Violence: Changing Public Perceptions/Halting the Epidemic." Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 1997.


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"What is the Duluth model?" Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs -- DAIP, 2011. Web 17 Apr. 2012

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Title: the blind men and the elephant

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Essay Instructions: Each of our learning theories/theorists is like one of the blind me, partially in the right but not completely so. Your task is to write a paper in which you blend the theories together into YOUR eclectic theory of learning. In the paper, you will describe which theories and principles of learning work when and under what circumstances, and why the other theories do not explain learned behavior under those same circumstances. In other words, you'll try to put the pieces together to see and explain as much of the "Elephant" that is human learning as you can ! Obviously, much of this paper will be your opinion, based on which theories you believe are most relevant to daily human life. Still, we must observe the academic proprieties, so :

The paper is to be a minimum of 6 pages, not including Title page or references. It should have one-inch margins, be double-spaced, and composed using a 12 point font. A minimum of six scientific references are required, one of which may be your text. (Introduction to theories of leaning by B.R. Hergenhahn 9th edition) Do not make reference to popular press articles (Psychology Today, Time, Newsweek etc) or Wikipedia.

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Works Cited:


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Title: Pain as it relates to woman in labor

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Essay Instructions: Directions:
Describe the concept of pain as it relates to the woman in labor. Write an essay on what the following statement means to you:
“Cultural values and learned behaviors influence perception and response to pain as do anxiety and fear, which both tend to heighten the sense of pain” (Poole, 2003).

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