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Title: Leadership Experience Paper

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Essay Instructions: Leadership Experience Paper

To gain some useful leadership experience, persuade eight people to do some notable activity together for at least two hours that they would not otherwise do without your intervention. Your only restriction is that you cannot tell them why you are doing this.

It can be any eight people: friends, family, teammates, club members, neighbors, students, working colleagues. It can be any activity, except that it should be something more substantial than watching television, eating, going to a movie, or just sitting around talking. It could be a roller-skating party, an organized debate, a songfest, a long hike, a visit to a museum, or volunteer work such as picking up litter or visiting a nursing home.

If you will take it upon yourself to make something happen in the world that would not have otherwise happened without you, you will be engaging in an act of leadership with all of its attendant barriers, burdens, and pleasures, and you will quickly learn the relevance of many of the topics that the authors discuss in the course readings. You will have a much better understanding of how complicated an act of leadership can be. You will learn about the difficulties of developing a vision ("Now that we are together, what are we going to do?"), of motivating others, of setting agendas and timetables, of securing resources, of the need for follow-through. You may even learn about "loneliness at the top." However, if you are successful, you will also experience the thrill that comes from successful leadership. One person can make a difference by enriching the lives of others, if only for a few hours. And for all of the frustrations and complexities of leadership, the tingling satisfaction that comes from success can become almost addictive. The capacity for making things happen can become its own motivation. With an early success, even if it is only with eight people for two hours, you may well be on your way to a leadership future. (Hughes, Ginett & Curphy, 2009)

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Title: Personal Leadership experience

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Essay Instructions: This is a Master's program...Foundations of Leadership Theory course....

Directions...write the paper in the first person...meaning me. This must be APA style

Develop a five-page, typewritten description of my personal leadership experience in the workplace. This is an autobiographic paper..Me as a leader in my position, my son John and son-in-law Chris also work for the family company.

I am a co-owner of an 2 million dollar ATM business (family business) The company name is CCS Express ATM. I have 10 employees and 16 independent contract workers. My position is the Operations Mgr, which include...I provide overall management of all operation staff for ATM-E-Trade organization. I oversee all operational aspects; hire, elct and train staff members, movitate them, counsel employees, analyze Profit and Losses statment and manage vendor relations. Work directly with CEO (my husband) to ensure adequate estimates, forecasts and calculations of expenditure for ATM budget planning and tracking. Develop and implement new policies and procedures, procure and manage contractors, trak all serive records, oversee sales contracts and billing terms for key clients and manage the health and welfare plans for all employees. Successfuly educate contractors on benefit plans state regulations, company policies and prececures to ensure organizatino9 and strategic development.

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Essay Instructions: Personal Assessment: It is in your best interest to complete this honestly.
? Complete the Leader?s Self-Insights in each chapter. Most chapters have three self- insights.
? Label these with the topic of the insight (for example, Leader?s Self Insight 1.1 is Your Learning Style: Using Multiple Intelligences) then include the results/scores and a reflective. The reflective should be 1-2 short paragraphs.
? At the end of all of the self-sights, summarize your leadership strengths and weaknesses based on all your self-insight results.
? Explain which weakness(es) will be the most difficult to overcome and the steps you will take to overcome that weakness. Also address your strengths and determine how these will be of benefit to you in the workplace.

Please single space your Personal Assessment. The organization and flow of your document should be professional. I do not specify a length of each self-sight or the entire assessment as individual writing styles are important.

The Book information: The leadership Experience Richard L. Daft 5e ISBN-13: 978-1-4390-4211-3 ISBN-10: 1-4390-4211-x

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Title: Benefits of Early Leadership Training for Adolescents

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Essay Instructions: Refer to the purpose statement, and problem statement, develop and propose a set of research questions. For each research question, briefly explain why it was chosen and how the answer to this question will contribute to the literature in the field. Also comment on the expected outcome for each question you are proposing.

Research Questions:
1. How do adolescent in an early leadership program define their leadership experience?
2. How do adolescent in an early leadership program describe their experience?
3. How did participating in the early leadership program change their leadership abilities?

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