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Essay Instructions: -Latin America Trade History.
-positive and negative overview.
-development in trade with USA in the 1980's to 1990.
-development in trade with Europe in the 1980's to 1990.
-lack of governments support to trade expansion.
-countries that will received the most benefits.
-countries that have accessible laws to help trade development.
-Did governments need to change customs laws to facilitate the Trade success.
-what is the future of Latin America trade in the next 30 years.
*Please provide the list of information references/sources

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Essay Instructions: Based upon Chasteen?s Born in Blood and Fire. A Concise History of Latin America; Townsend?s Malintzin?s Choices; Navarro-Fraser?s Evita; Rigoberta Menchu?s I Rigoberta; and Molano?s The Dispossessed, evaluate and discuss the following statement: ?Chasteen is right in claiming that non-whites have generally not done too well in Latin America. During both the colonial and the modern period they seem to have been short-changed, discriminated against, and excluded from economic, social and political benefits.? Please support your answer and cite as much evidence from these books as possible.

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Title: Latin america China

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Essay Instructions: Comparison of Latin America and China

during the pre-hispanic,colonial,and 19th 20th century

touching on the subjects of religion, gender and politics

This long essay if for a final exam

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Title: Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa

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Essay Instructions: What are the differences in problems between Latin America and Sub ? Saharan Africa? What do you see as possible solutions for the long term problems listed in many of the African countries? I would like you to find three articles that show how the problems in the book still affect these areas, how these problems are being dealt with, or how they have been solved. The article does not have to be on the whole region but can be from one country. My goal if three is a total and not three for each area.

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