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Title: Child Development

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Please make sure you have completed this unit?s readings before coming to Seminar, especially the article, ?The Language Use Inventory for Young Children: A Parent-Report Measure of Pragmatic Language Development for 18?47 month old children? by O?Neil. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

How does screening link to follow up assessments?
Explain the steps that you would take to prepare and hold a meeting with a parent to discuss the results of a recent assessment.
Why would you not want to use subjective statements in the documents you share with your parents? Please give examples of objective statements that can describe a child?s language use.


n this Seminar, you will discuss communicative disorders and the specific characteristics found in autism, cleft palate, hearing loss, stuttering, and tongue tie. Please be prepared to use the chart on page 376 of your text for links to the field trips that you will take together as a class. You will discuss your role as an early childhood professional in meeting the needs of children with communicative disorders.

Autism and Communicative disorders
Cleft lip and Cleft Palate and Communicative disorders
Hearing Loss and Communicative disorders
Stuttering and Communicative disorders
Tongue tie and Communicative disorders
Also, be prepared to discuss the following:

Describe the behavior of a child with a hearing impairment.
What did you learn from your field trip about the techniques that are most appropriate to work with a child that has a communicative disorder relating to autism? Cleft palate? Hearing loss? Stuttering? Tongue tie?
How will the information you have learned about communicative disorders prepare you for a career as an early childhood professional?



Career Opportunities and the Early Childhood Professional
In this Seminar, you will focus on your career opportunities and your role in developing language and literacy skills in young children from birth to age eight. Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following:

Complete a search of the career opportunities that are available to early childhood professionals at

What career opportunities did you discover from your search?
How will the knowledge that you have gained in this class be carried over into one of the career choices that you have discovered?
What is the early childhood professional?s role in developing language and literacy skills in young children from birth to age eight?
Review the Unit 2 language development theories and identify your own theoretical perspectives about language development. Which one best reflects your own theoretical perspective?

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Title: Child language development

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Please provide a 4 page answer for the question listed at the bottom. Please provide answers that are coherent, well-organized, data driven, and clearly articulated. There is not perfect agreement among all developmental psychologists on many of these questions. Thus, the task is to build your case carefully using the most relevant arguments and data from the provided sources. Be sure to consider the quality of the empirical evidence you discuss, which involves considering sampling, measurement and design issues. Please assume that reader is a naïve, intelligent reader and the response has an introduction, body and conclusion. Please do not provide a “laundry list” approach

Reference to any of the articles provided should include the authors’ names and date using APA format. (No reference page is necessary.) If you use the words of the authors, those words must be in quotation marks & include page number. AVOID DIRECT QUOTATION WHENEVER POSSIBLE, HOWEVER.

Please use ALL provided via email resources to answer the questions, but use only these sources (i.e., do not use articles or chapters that have not been provided or listed).
When providing examples and illustrating arguments with studies, please use the empirical studies, if possible, rather than examples provided in chapters.
Citations must be in APA format. When describing a study based on a secondary source, you must indicate the authors and date of the original study followed by "as cited in ..." to identify YOUR source.
Appropriately credit the sources of ideas, concepts, etc.
Please provide an argument for all sides of the question based upon the research (resources provided).

1. Select two parental behaviors that the evidence from the empirical articles in this unit suggests have the most impact on children's language development. 1) Describe the evidence that points to the importance of these two parental behaviors. 2) Develop an intervention that aims to improve the children’s language development by changing the parents behaviors. Make sure to clearly connect your intervention ideas to the evidence in the articles. In addition, make sure you have specific ideas for your intervention (rather than being to vague and general).

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: early childhood and literacy

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Essay Instructions: Write a term paper based on ANY of the following topics (see below) using the template provided. Make SURE that all the questions on the template are answered. MAKE SURE THE AGE GROUP IS BIRTH - TWO (preferably pre-k or kindergarden).

Note: You are not limited to these topics. You can choose any other topic as long as it has to do with literacy and early childhood.

emergent speaking
language development in young children or
sounds of the language (rhyme, rhythm and song) or
sound of the language (speaking and listening)
emergent writing
developing eye-hand coordination
art as a natural language
becoming a writer
emergent reading
how reading emerges
home book experience
becoming a reader


in this section, you discuss the key concept of the paper. Why this represents an issue? What has been the traditional approach in addressing this issue? Conclude this section by noting that in exploring this issue your approach will emphasize.... Note the materials that you will use as you address the issue (journals, textbooks, web, media)

in this section, you note what you have uncovered in your research literature review. here, you present the pros and cons. For ex. Smith (1998) notes that .... On the other hand, Jones (1999) contents .....

Provide a substantive analysis based on the literature review in terms of:
a. where we are at
b. Why
c. what you would feel would be better course of action.
here you not only shows how well you digested what you have read but also the impact that it may have on education.

the term reference is used rather than Bibliography because References denotes the sources that you actually used and made reference to in your paper. whereas, a bibliography is simply a listing of books.
Please DO NOT use Wikipedia. ONLY used peer review articles. Thank you.

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Title: language development among the very young

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2004 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Annotated Bibliography

Language development among the very young
(Child language acquisition)

Page two: one-paragraph abstract summarizing the
Introduction Presents the subject, justifies the value of the study,
and provides background information needed to
understand the context.
Research design Presents the rationale for the activities of the study and
the conditions under which it was conducted.
Discussion of
Describes the data that was gathered and draws
conclusions about what the data explains or proves (or
what needs further exploration). If needed, the findings
are corroborated by data in an appendix.
Conclusion Provides closure to the discussion by commenting on
the value of the research experience and the
ramifications of the findings. Suggests areas for further
Uses appropriate linguistic
terms and vocabulary.
Uses appropriate headings An appendix, if included, follows the
body of the paper.

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