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Essay Instructions: Langston Hughes poem" I, Too", is what we read in class.

Take one of your previous essays. Choose only one reading to research. Read 2 or 3 other pieces by the same author. Are there elements--themes, symbols, language, metaphors-- in common in all of the writings? The final research paper shows how all the pieces you read by this author show the same theme, use the same symbols, use similar language or metaphors. Or you can compare (this is a comparison essay, so review how to write that in External Links) how the author uses the element??"theme, symbols, language or metaphors-- you are analyzing in all the pieces you have read.

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Essay Instructions: Langston Hughes in "Theme for English B" and Li Young Lee, In "Persimmons", both explore the experience of racial otherness in American education. Please compare and contrast the visions of American education and American Society that each of these poets creates. Create an argument throughout the essay to give a valid interpretation of the poems which are being analyzed. State the argument clearly at the beginning of the paper as the thesis and develop it throughout the body of the essay, and back it up with detailed evidence that is carefully chosen, throughout the analyzed passages. Use the thesis statement to establish a relationship of comparison and/ or contrast between the poems. Please include the theme, tone, syntax, and anything relevant to do with the syntax that is necessary for the argument.

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Title: informal and informal

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Essay Instructions: Langston Hughes, “Harlem”,Marge Piercy, “A Work of Artifice”,
William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 18”,Walt Whitman, “Facing West…”,
William Wordsworth, “London, 1802”,Wilfred Owen, “Dulce Et Decorum Est”,Thomas Hardy, “The Workbox”,e.e. cummings, “she being Brand /-new”,
Theodore Roethke, “My Papa’s Waltz”,
from literature and introduction to reading and writing by edgar v. roberts/ henry e . jacobs ,second compact edition

Formal Assignment(ONE PAGE)
In many of these poems, we have a difference between what IS and what SHOULD BE—an ironic disconnect. Select two of the poems and show how the poet describes the difference between matters as they are and matters as they could be, or could have been. Which seems to be the better alternative? Is the other alternative even achievable?

Informal Assignment(ONE PAGE)

In “London, 1802,” Wordsworth wrote, “Milton! Thou should’st be living at this hour/ England hath need of thee,” in “Mrs. Robinson,” Simon & Garfunkel wrote, “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.” Every culture, every time has looked to departed heroes to show it the way to salvation and a light in dark times. So, who would you look to today to save us from our current difficulties? What figure (not active on the world stage, but possibly still alive) could help us through our woes? (And I’m not looking for Superman or something like that—we’re talking REAL historical figures here.) Give it a go

please write as an informal assinment thanks

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Essay Instructions: Comparison and Contrast

The singer/ pianist in Langston Hughes "The Weary Blues" to Sonny in James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues". It's extremely likely that James Baldwin's would have been well-acquainted with this famous poem. Make a case that Baldwin in his story is commenting on the poem (decide what type of comment he's making).

You will argue for your own idea about the story, citing specifics and using quotes from the story as evidence to support your thesis. PUT THESIS STATEMENT IN BOLD!!!

Use quotation marks around quotes along with author name.


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