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Essay Instructions: require a study on greenhouse gas emissions on landfil plants. previously a paper was ordered on the study on greenhouse gas emissions on concrete recycling now i need on landfill to be able to compare the different methods of disposing concrete. required is consumption rates of the type of each machinery used in the process of landfilling. such as fuel consumption electricity generated consumptions and any other types of consumption required to commit to the process. also a comparison would need to be outlined showing the difference between the landfill method and recycling method in regards to machinery used and greenhouse gas effect. I would like the person who wrote my previous paper to write this one due to him doing a good job and knowing what is exactly required to be compared (gainesarnold) . this paper strictly needs to be returned asap due to submission requirements

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Essay Instructions: need some information on how much methane and carbon dioxide is produced from the material being dumped into landfill. in other words amounts of methane and carbon produced into the atmosphere after the material is landfilled in .amount of methand and carbon dioxide produced per ton or per hour ( per hour preferably). the material that i need to concentrate on is concrete being dumped into landfill

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Title: landfill mining

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4223 Sources: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The topic of this paper is to compare the economic benefits of mining landfills for recyclable materials and potential fuel sources vs. the negative impact that opening up old landfills will have on the environment.
Topics to address are:
Is it economical to recycle the material from landfills? What is the market for these goods?
Is there any environmental impact? (Methane releases, leachate, vermin and pest infestations.)
If left alone what are the consequences of having landfills.
What laws will affect the mining or recycling of the waste material.

All data used must be from after 1970
Wikipedia can’t be used as resource.
Works must be cited in the paper with end notes

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Title: Alternative cover systems for landfills

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Essay Instructions: we will pay more for this!

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Hi there,
>I have included the requirements of this report within an attachment. Please
>read through them carefully. As the criteria mentioned, I need to supply a
>visual aid material that I used for the report on my oral presentation,
>please write the references in a more specific way, in other words, I would
>appreciate if you could either email me the materials (i.e. a chapter of
>the book, research papers/reports that you used as references in the paper),
>or list them in more details, therefore I can go and find them in university
>library or any materials have been used in the websites. Please include all
>A, B & C PARTs when you email me the report. You can email me the PARTS A &
>B first whenever you finish, as I need them to be ready shortly, hope you
>can understand. Thanks in advance.
>I look forward to receiving your outstanding work. Cheers.
>Warm Regards,
>P.S. Topic: Alternative cover systems for landfills (The report is for the
>Unit ¡°Geo-hazards & environmental geotechnics¡±, am a 4th year univesity
>student of a major in civil engineering.)

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