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Essay Instructions: Compare the presentation of Lady MacBeth in the play by Shakespear with the presentation of Lady MacBeth(Ella) in the adaptation of the play in the movie SkakespeaRe-told by Brozel. Use examples from BOTH the play and the adaptation in your answer.

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Title: Writing About Drama

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Essay Instructions: I chose a drama "Lady Macbeth" written by William Shakespeare, you can choose any topic recording this drama and write about it.
The first paragraph of this hypothetical essay gives the title, the author, the plot in less than twelve lines, and then the all-important thesis. The rest of the essay doesn't re-tell the story of the play. The middle paragraphs argue for the thesis, introducing evidence and then presenting it. The final paragraph tries briefly wrap things up.

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Title: Macbeth

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Essay Instructions: How responsible is Lady Macbeth for Macbeth's downfall and tragedy? Is she just as much the play's villian as Macbeth is? THe paper should have a thesis claim (your answer to the question) and an arguement consisting of @ least 3 reasons supporting your claim. The paper should be 3-4 pages, double spaced, have 1 inch margins and use a 12 point Arial font. Cite some passages from the text of Macbeth, to include the scene & line from the play

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Essay Instructions: The following questions are based on Shakespeare, Macbeth, ed. Kenneth Muir (the Arden Shakespeare: Second Series). Please choose one of the following questions and write four pages of essay (support your assertions with textual evidence, or with quote from the book.)

1) Defend the position that Lady Macbeth is the ?perfect wife? for Macbeth. Don?t rest with the conclusion that he may be weak while she is strong. Examine their compensator relationship from as many angles as you can. (Note the quoted phrase, and consider the irony.)

2) In Act 1, Scene V of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth reads a letter from her husband and then reflects on his character. Use this letter and speech as a focal point for analyzing their relationship. What does the letter tell you about his view of the world? What does her subsequent speech tell you about hers? Stay with these few pages of the text and examine as many of the words and phrases as possible.

3) Oppositions and inversions established at the start of the play (?fair is foul?) set forth the themes of evil, chaos, and moral uncertainty. How does Shakespeare use the opposition between Macbeth and nature to give readers the experience of such chaos and uncertainty? Remember that ?nature? in this play may include references to sleep, food, blood, sexuality, time, etc.

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