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Title: Enclosed outline paper Please attachments The purpose project apply critical thinking skills address concepts a comprehensive paper Do simply respond items provide a fully reviewed paper future unions

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Essay Instructions: Enclosed is my outline to see what my paper will be about. Please see the attachments

The purpose of this project is to apply your critical-thinking skills to address the following concepts in a comprehensive paper. Do not simply respond to these items, but provide a fully reviewed paper about the future of unions. The items below provide guideline points:
? What changes are needed for unions to maintain support from their membership, the community, and the employers?
? Labor unions are experiencing a decline, which includes political influence and membership. How do politics influence membership decline?
? What generational aspects (i.e., baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y) have influenced labor unions and will continue to do so?
? What other external dynamics are impacting labor unions? For example, how does the global workforce impact union strategies?
? For unions, where were they, where are they, and where do they need to go to remain or regain an active and viable organization in the 21st century?
The objective of this paper is to share your professional understanding related to labor relations and unions based on theory. Include the theories from the discussions, your readings, and the TCOs reviewed throughout the course in this paper.
? Write a 12- to 15-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) that identifies the challenges that unions face in the 21st century (see assignment criteria above).
? You should use theory throughout your paper, which covers the aspects of the TCOs reviewed in the previous weeks.
? You should use a minimum of six scholarly resources.
? Include an introductory paragraph that identifies the paper?s content: Introduce the subject and the reason it is important, preview the main ideas and the order in which they will be covered, and establish the document's tone.
? Include a concluding paragraph that provides a summary of the major points from the paper.
? Use a formal writing style for academic writing (sharing information and facts or theory).
? Write your paper in third person.
? Fully describe the concepts and theories (what does the information ?mean??).

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Title: labor unions

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Essay Instructions: i would like to have a paper about labor unions, the out lines as follows,you start with difintion of a union then its objectives and its historry,the process of the labor unions when they move in an orgnization , how an orgnization avoid that , why do labor union move in to an orgization.types of american unions to international don't have to follow this in oreder. i would like you to give me a copy for every resource you use cause other wise the paper would be useless. i would like you to use the following resources and list them in the bibliography they are as follwes, it is ok if you want to use more resources but please give a copy of your resources. i would like to have an outline for this paper. the conclusion , I woould like you to write a paper using these resources and if you want to use extra ones please do give copy for them , ,please list my resources in the bibliography.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Work Cited

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"employees?": a new look at deference to the NLRB's interpretation of

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Title: labor unions

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Essay Instructions: 1. 6 page minimum in length and 1 page summary of importantce for presentation
2. Double-spaced
3. Times New Roman 12 point or equivalent
4. Be sure to proofread and reread question to be sure that you are in fact answering it
5. Be sure to list your sources in a bibliography at the end of your paper (on a separate page)
6. Your text may be one of your 4 sources Text:Richard T. Schaefer,Sociology,9th edition
Answer the following question as completely as possible,In addition to the question asked, FIND A CASE STUDY TO SUPPORT YOUR FINDINGS.
Question- Define a labor union. List 6 reasons that account for the decline of labor unions and explain each in detail.
Describe the Right to Work Law. Does New Jersey have this law? How does this law affect labor unions? What are the Similarities between conflict theorists and functional theorists in the discussion of labor unions

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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Key Points

Labor unions were created by workers as a means of protecting themselves from big labor and to secure better wages, working conditions and hours.

Reasons for Decline of Labor Unions include:

a. Employer attitudes toward organization of workers.

b. Unemployment tends to bring about a serious drain on union membership and finances.

c. Prevailing anti-union opinion climate of a particular state.

d. Job Restructuring.

e. High Inflation Rates.

f. High Unemployment Rates.

Right-to-work laws tend to constrain union bargaining power and growth.

All right-to-work laws outlaw union shop agreements (these are clauses in collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join the union that represents them).

About half of the states also outlaw agency shop agreements (these are clauses in collective bargaining agreements that require nonmembers to pay a fee to the union to cover the cost of representation).

Advocates of right-to-work legislation maintain that the payment of dues to a labor organization by workers should not obligatory if they do not support that organization.

Critics of right-to-work laws hold that because union contracts and grievance arbitration systems cover all employees, members and nonmembers, right-to-work laws encourage "free-riding."

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Title: Labor Union and the American Worker

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Essay Instructions: Why have labor unions declined in membership and influence in the U.S.? What effect will that have on the American worker?

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bennett, James T; Kaufman, Bruce E. (2002) "The future of private sector unionism in the United States" M.E. Sharpe.

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