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Title: John Keats A lyric Poem compared to a narrative one

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Essay Instructions: Discuss one lyric poem and one narrative poem by John Keats?s --- one of his odes next to one of his romances. How do the language, images, myths, motifs, and structures of one poem help us to understand the other?

Choose 1 Ode and 1 of his romances from below to compare:

On First Looking into Chapman?s Homer (1396), Sleep and Poetry 1-40 (handout), Endymion 1.777-842: The ?Pleasure Thermometer?, Letter to his brothers (1404), On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again (1405), When I have fears (1406), Letters to Reynolds (1406, 1423), Ode to Psyche (1462) Letter to Bailey (1403), from Hyperion, Book 1, lines 1-157 (1425-29), Letter to George and Georgiana Keats (1458), La Belle Dame sans Merci (1460), Ode on
Melancholy (1469) The Eve of St. Agnes (1446), Ode on a Grecian Urn (1466), Ode on Indolence, Ode to a Nightingale (1464), Lamia, Letter to Woodhouse (1424), To Autumn (1489), Bright Star (1502), This living hand (1503)

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Title: 19th century British Literature

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Essay Instructions: Representation of the medieval in fiction, poetry and non-fiction are common in this century. They often tell you more about the writers' literary characteristics and their social and political concerns than they do about the past the re-present. Write an essay in which you discuss the uses of the medieval in poetry by Keats ("La Belle Dame Sans Merci" and "The Eve of St. Agnes") and Tennyson ("The Lady of Shalott" and "Idylls of the King") and in the prose writing of Carlyle (Past and Present) and Ruskin (The Stones of Venice.)

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Title: john keats

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Essay Instructions: 1. topic : how might one interpret Jonh Keats''la belle dame sans merci' interms of the knight's tumble into the routine of the commonplace after he experiences the ecstacy of unspeakable beauty and impassionaed romance?

2. 5 paragraphs
3. underline thesis statement

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Title: Departmental essay

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Essay Instructions: (Writergrrl101) this is my final essay, the to thing are (La Belle Dame sans Merci*)by John Keats and (A Very Short Story) by Ernest Hemingway,I need to compare and contrast the "treatment of romantic love"in the storys. I need to be able to read between the this essay I have to be sure to make specific references to the two pieces of writing that you are discussing.this count as 50% of my final grade so please put your all in all in very persuasive in this essay to make your point.

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