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Title: Korean War

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Essay Instructions: The term paper topic is: What Were The Origins Of The Korean War And Who Played A Bigger Role: The U.S.S.R Or China?

Start the first four to five pages talking about the origins of the Korean War and then in the last seven to eight pages explain who played a greater role in supporting North Korea: The U.S.S.R or China. Also, who played the bigger role in opposing the U.S. and its allies during the Korean War. Give many examples for both the U.S.S.R and China and conclude the paper by giving your own educated opinion as to who you think really played the bigger part.

If Possible, cite at least two quotations per page from amongst the seven different sources to make your point relevant.

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Boose D.W.

The Korean War Revisited. 1998. Accessed November 20, 2004. http://www.mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/korrev.htm

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Jian, Chen. CHINA'S ROAD to the KOREAN WAR. The George Washington University. Accessed November 20, 2004.

Kalajian, Douglas. "THE KOREAN WAR: 50 YEARS LATER: 'THE FORGOTTEN VICTORY'," the Palm Beach Post, June 25, 2000.

Korean War. Accessed November 21, 2004. http://www.koreanwar.com/

Pierpaoli, Paul G., Jr. Beyond collective amnesia: a Korean War retrospective. International Social Science Review, September 22, 2001.

Why did the Korean War break out in 1950? Accessed November 20, 2004. http://www.johndclare.net/EC5.htm

To comprehend China's decision to enter the war, one must first examine the CCP leaders' perception of China's security interests and their judgment of to what extent and in which ways such interests had been challenged during the Korean crisis.

This examination requires an extended analysis of a variety of basic factors shaping the CCP leadership's understanding of China's external relations.

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Title: You a soldier Korean War You stationed front lines fighting heaviest You wounded aid station a MASH unit undergo surgery remove shrapnel legs While recovering hospital Curtis Prendergast a Time magazine correspondent 1950s makes a stop decides d feature a story people back home States

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Essay Instructions: You are a soldier during the Korean War. You are stationed on the front lines where the fighting is heaviest. You are wounded so you are sent first to an aid station and then to a MASH unit where you undergo surgery to remove shrapnel from your legs. While you are recovering in the hospital, Curtis Prendergast, a Time magazine correspondent during the 1950s, makes a stop and decides he?d like to feature you in a story for the people back home in the States. He asks many questions and even takes your picture.

What is your story?

Make sure your story contains information about:
1.everyday conditions of life for the common soldier during the Korean War
2.a specific battle you participated in
3.why the United States is fighting

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Works Cited:

Works Cited:

Baek, S. (2009). The Life During Korean War. Clark Humanities.org.

Colimore, E. (2010). Korean War Veteran From Turnersville Brings History To Life. Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Title: History Postwar Japan Korea paper # The Korean War, 1950-1953 For paper, CITE book Still Life Rice (pages dealing Korean war, end chapters book), refer, class view , film Brotherhood War , articles Asia-Pacific Journal listed ( cited authors , APJ a short form journal .

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Essay Instructions: History of Postwar Japan and Korea

paper # The Korean War, 1950-1953
For this paper, please especially CITE the book Still Life with Rice (pages dealing with the Korean war, the end chapters of the book), refer, if you were in class to view it, the film ?Brotherhood of War? , and to at least two of the articles from the Asia-Pacific Journal that are listed below (which may be cited with author?s name, and APJ as a short form for the journal name.) You may also find the opening chapters of Armstrong, The Koreas, which is a PDF on Blackboard, Course Documents, helpful in your response. Be sure to use citations.
Discuss how the Korean War left its mark on the Korean people and/or the nature of the divided states that now occupy the Korean peninsula. The Korean War, 1950-1953
Asia-Pacific Journal articles: Feel free also to read and consult further from other articles in APJ that help you to write your response
Here are questions to help you write the paper. BE SURE TO CITE, and write an introduction and conclusion in your paper.
What made this war especially savage to Korean people, North and South, civilian and solder?
In considering the plight of ordinary people on the Korean peninsula, how much did they encounter foreign forces on their soil, and how much can you see suffering of Korean people as a part of other nations? policy on the peninsula?
How do you evaluate this as a Cold War conflict versus a civil war conflict?
What do you regard as lasting conflicts for North and South on the Korean peninsula that do need resolution before the two can go further with reconciliations?

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Akira, K., 2010, The Unknown Korean War: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea and Excavation of the Remains of Mass-murdered Victims, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 18-2-10.

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Lee, S., 2010, The United States, the United Nations, and the Second Occupation of Korea, 1950-1951, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Volume 8 Issue 50 No 3.

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Title: What effects Korean War discuss effects

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Essay Instructions: What were the causes and effects of the Korean War discuss at least three causes and two effects

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