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Essay Instructions: compare and contrast Koran Sura 12. Josepth ( in the book: the conscious reader_brief edition) and chapter 37 to chapter 50 of The book of genesis_ standard version. i want my essay to include these:
1) introduction: one verry short summary for both story, compare and contrast thesis statement.
2) body:
a) the dreams
b) the father figure
c)sibling rivalry
3) conclusion

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Essay Instructions: After reading The Koran and the introduction by Professor Dawood, write a 6 page paper (approximately 250 words per page) in which you discuss the following and how The Koran deals with such issues as:

1. The relationship between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity

2. The treatment and status of women, marriage, divorce, and polygamy

3. The justification of a “holy war” (jihad)

4. Suicide

5. Alcohol

6. Treatment of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus

When discussing each of these points, you will need to cite the specific Sura from The Koran. Try to include as many examples for these points as possible in your paper. Finally, draw some conclusions as to how The Koran compares to the holy scriptures of Judaism and Christianity.

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Title: Similarities between The Koran and the Gospel of Luke

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Essay Instructions: I have chosen "The Koran" and the "Gospel of Luke" argue for the similarities between the religious experiences of the characters/authors.

Be sure to argue for the major point (Have a major point)
Support and illustrate your point with examples and direct quotations from the texts.

Any other questions please email me...

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Title: women in the koran

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Essay Instructions: please use the internet for all sources of research.

"the role of woman in the koran"
what is there role in this religous text?
are they respected?
are they seen as holy?
are they ever the victors is the stories of the koran?
how does "god" see them?
are they equal to men?

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