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Essay Instructions: Knowledge management is no longer the brand-new and revolutionary idea that it was 20 years ago, but it is still an extremely useful approach and one that emphasizes that information technology alone is not the solution to organizational problems but merely a set of tools that enables an organization to deal with its fundamental issues of purpose, resources, and outcomes. To begin our attention to these issues, consider these two general introductions to the topic of KM and its uses:

Bogorad, I. (2010). An executive's primer on knowledge management. Tech Republic. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

Li, B. & W. Song. (2009). A discussion on the relationship and mutual effects of knowledge management and information Management. Asian Social Science. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

Now let's turn to a specific case illustration of KM in practice. In Bangalore, India, Titan Industries operates in the watch, jewellery and eyewear sectors, as well as precision engineering for aerospace and automobiles. Titan was launched in 1984, Tanishq jewelry in 1996, and the eyewear division in 2007. With a turnover of Rs 6,000,000,000, Titan is the fifth largest branded watch manufacturer in the world. Its watch brands include Titan, Sonata, Fastrack and Xylys. The Titan network has over 600 stores in India, and is the largest jewellery retailer in India (via Tanishq, GoldPlus, Zoya stores).

The combination of multibrand stores, large format stores, precision engineering and fierce competition has called for rapid learning across the workforce. The following description of Titan's experiewnces is rather interesting:

Rao, M. (2010) Case Study: Knowledge Management at Titan Industries. KM India. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

When you've had a chance to read this article, review information from the background readings and research other sources on your own, please prepare a 3-5 page paper on the topic:

?The effects of Titan?s KM initiatives on the various parts of the business, and how the information and technology effects are related to each other?

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Essay Instructions: "Knowledge of employment law is as important as knowledge of criminal law to the security manager. Discuss"

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Essay Instructions: knowledge management represents accessing and using information existing within the firm, then it must be complemented with so-called "business intelligence" representing other information existing in the firm's environment. And neither of them is worth much unless supplemented with the kind of deep understanding embodied in what are called "business analytics". The nature of these tools, and their ties to the underlying information to which they are applied, are the subject of much current business interest. In this case, we take a look at some of the attitudes and ideas about analytics and business intelligence in light of the general problems of knowledge management. A good place to start would be this general review of the issues of analytics and their application:

Staples, S. (2009). Analytics: Unlocking value in business intelligence (BI) initiatives. CIO. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

A few years ago, Tom Davenport, one of the chief gurus of knowledge management, wrote a piece entitled "Competing with Analytics", arguing that businesses could develop serious competitive advantage by understanding their information better. This has not really developed according to plan, as the second source here notes. Please review these two points of view of the basis for what follows:

Davenport, T.H., & Harris, J. G. (2006) Competing with analytics, Harvard Business Review . Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

Samild, S. (2011) Tom Davenport: Why aren?t most organisations competing on analytics? Analyst First. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

One reason, of course, is that the world keeps changing, both in terms of business realities and technological possibilities. The Gartner Group is one of the consulting firms most known for trying to keep up with trends; here is their latest take on what's going on in the knowledge management area (just listen to the recording; you don't need to pay money to download their actual report):

Gartner Group (2011) Gartner Predicts 2012. Talking Technology Series. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

When you've had a chance to read and listen to this material and perhaps review information from the background readings and research other sources on your own, please prepare a 3 page paper on the topic:

?Current business and technology conditions that complicate effective application of business analytics to business intelligence and knowledge management data, and the prospects for improvement?

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Essay Instructions: Knowledge Advancement Project on ESBL on Surgical units in Canadian hospitals. I will send the assignment guidelines, and a pamphlet on ESBL.

There are 4 critical components: 1. a knowledge needs assessment (knowledge deficit on ESBL amongst the majority of staff. They are educated mostly on MRSA, C-DIFF, VRE.)
2. a plan based on the needs of the knowledge needs.
3. implementation of the plan (pamphlet)
4. evaluation of the plan's effectiveness (true or false questions).

I am relying on my skills as an nurse educator to teach the staff about ESBL. The teaching tool I am using is a pamphlet, that explains what ESBL is, how to treat it, and this pamphlet will educate the front-line hospital staff to have proper knowledge to teach patients and families what it is.
I have proposed true and false questions on the pamphlet that will evaluate if the information is teaching the staff properly.

I will send info regarding ESBL.
Please use either the references from the pamphlet, or CANADIAN references only. APA 6th edition MUST be used.

I will e-mail the assignment guidelines, please follow them carefully.

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