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Title: King Lear

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Essay Instructions: This essay will look at two books, King Lear by Shakespeare and The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Examine why the Earl of Kent reject's Siro's point of view and decides that the best way to remain loyal- loyal to King Lear, in the first case, to the Duke of Gloucester, in the second- is to disobey and engage in trickery. What do disobedience and trickery achieve? Do they produce better results than the obediant behavior of servants in either Decameron 7.8 or 8.4?

Your discussion should include 6 quotations: 4 from King Lear; 2 from Decameron

Quotes should be 10 words MAXIMUM

A passage from Mandragola:

Siro: I am your servant, and servants ought never to ask their masters about anything, nor to look into any of their affairs, but when they are told about them by them themselves, they ought to serve them faithfully, so I have done and so I shall do.

Siro asserts in Mandragola that the main duty of a loyal servant- and indeed, of others who serve, such as vassal, spouse and child who owe loyalty to masters- is to obey. Some servants and others in Mandragola, Decameron, and King Lear, seem to agree. But some- such as, the Earl of Kent in King Lear-do not, expressing their loyalty instead of disobeying their masters (i.e. The King), and engaging in trickery.

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Title: Compare and contrast King Lear and Othello

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast King Lear and Othello. The introduction will introduce the two protagonists and the main themes present in the plays that are associated with both characters( this should be 5+ sentences) The thesis statment presents both protagonists being compared/contrasted and the qualities that they share and are different and the results of these qualities. Chooae 2 sets of two quotations from each play and blend them together to form two concrete details. Each concrete detail will contain a quotation from each play blended together. Use MLA after each qquotation. the first part of the quotation will have a comma at the end and the second part will have a normal period. The commentaries will explain how and why the quality is both the same for each protagonist and how it is manifested differently in each character. I can have as many commentaries as I want as long as each one addresses both characters.Each body paragraph must contain a min. of. 8 sentences. I must have at least 4 body paragraphs. The conclusion will deal with the similiar effects that both King Lear and Othello have on the other characters regarding the qualities being compared and contrasted.( must be at least 8 sentences and reitereate the thesis)

The papaer should not contain no more that 4 linking verbs; avoid a passive voice. The words should, could, might and if cannot be used. Do not use (ing) verb construction. Use antecedents before pronouns and make both agree.

Use Shakespearean documentation for your MLA documentation: "(1.4.23-25) example. No fragments, comma splices or run on sentences.

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Title: shakespeare

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Essay Instructions: compare the differences between The Nahum Tate (happy ending) seveteenth century version of King Lear. focus mostly on the differences but also some simillarities compare the two plays.

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Essay Instructions: Writer’s Username: Writergrrl101

Response Answer pertaining to "King Lear" Acts IV-V. The Response should be thoughtful and analytical in nature The Response need to include direct references to particular points in the text that you want the other group to consider. Be sure to include quotes in the Response.

In the Shakespeare’s King Lear, there are two characters that appear to be enduring in similar circumstances. King Lear and Gloucester both have children, and of these children, they each have one who is honest and loyal, while the others scheme to accomplish their own dubious plots. Both characters also suffer consequences, Lear slowly becomes mad, and Gloucester blind. Describe the similarities and differences between these two terms of madness versus blindness and explain what you think is the significance in their respective maladies.

Do you think that the King’s madness and the Earle’s blindness lead directly to the tragedies at the end of the play in act V or are they just side effects of a larger plot which occurs throughout the play? Is there a reason that Lear became mad when his children betrayed him and why Gloucester is instead blinded when his child does the same? Gloucester says that “As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; They kill us for their sport” (King Lear IV.i.37-38). Gloucester obviously thought he was being punished by the gods, do you think that this was indeed the case, that it was Shakespeare’s way of having the gods punish Lear and Gloucester for failing in some regards in the raising of their children to eventually betray them? If so, did each punishment match the severity of the crimes committed by their children?
Shakespeare, William. King Lear. Greenblatt, Stephen and Abrams, M.H. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. 8th ed. Vol. I. New York: Norton, 2006. 1143-1227.

Please use the following criteria when developing the Response Answer:

Author's name, title
Within the first paragraph, the post mentions the author's full name, title of the work being discussed, and the page number upon which it appears (given in parenthesis).

Specific Detail
The post provides concrete details to support assertions that refer to direct references (paraphrases and quotations) from the appropriate text.

Contributions to Discussion
The post directly engages the class by directly referring to classmates' posts and/or by providing new and exciting ways to look at the work into the class's consideration of the work(s).

MLA Citations
Parenthetical citations are correct and correctly punctuated..

The response is labeled correctly. Question is formatted in sections that are reader friendly.

This post completely addresses the question asked, has an original thesis, provides strong analysis, making connections to other works or concepts. It is thoughtful and original in its approach.

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