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Title: What is the effect of the method of teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients

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Essay Instructions: I have started my thesis and have written the table of contents, reference list, abstract, and started chapter 2. I am working with my professor who is my “project advisor”. Therefore, it is extremely important that the writing style stay similar. I will fax what I have written so far so you can use it in the paper. My professor has given me specific guidelines which I will tell you about.

I am a nursing major and my research question is “What is the effect of the method of teaching on the cognitive learning of adult kidney transplant recipients?” I am looking at group teaching of patients vs. individual teaching. The thesis must also have a theoretical framework. I have chosen Dorothea Orem’s theory of self care, which my professor has approved. We only are required to write an abstract, table of contents, chapter 1, 2, & 3, Reference list and appendices. Details on chapter content will be faxed.

The paper must be in APA style; however, there is one exception. I need to have the margins on all sides to be 1 ½ inches. Our school binds our thesis and 1 ½ is needed for this purpose. The reference list must be current - 5 years or less. I can’t use any books, and journal articles should be from professional journals (preferably peer reviewed). All statements should be referenced. (My reference list I am sending you has some errors in it please ensure it is completely APA compliant) The one exception might be for Dorothea Orem’s theory. All nursing papers must have a theoretical framework; Orem’s theory of self care was written a long time ago.

I have 2 student papers from my school I will fax. This is the format I need to follow. I also have another paper from a student from another school which I want to duplicate. That paper is old (2000) and I can’t use the references, however I want to follow everything else in that paper. I also will use the tool, “Evaluation of Transplant Teaching Kidney Transplant Recipients” I received permission from the author. The “old” paper uses the same instrument, and I want to emulate that paper as closely as possible.

The Appendices should have:
A. Consent form (needs to be written)
B. Demographic Form (can use/modify form from 2 student papers faxed to you)
C. Evaluation of Transplant Teaching Test (faxed)
D. Written permission for Instrument (I have)

I will fax the following:
1. 2 student papers from my school to be used as examples and which is the format to follow
2. Generic master’s project research proposal requirement guidelines
3. 1 student paper, “What is the effect of the method of teaching on the cognitive learning of
adult kidney transplant recipients?” (This is the paper to follow as a guideline)
4. A copy of the article “Evaluation of cognitive learning in kidney transplant recipients” It is an old article (1991) , however the instrument I will be using comes from here and it is specific to kidney transplant patients. My professor will let me use it.
5. A copy of the transplant test from the above article.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Education Project Proposal nursing

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Essay Instructions: Essay Topic

Length : 6 pages
Format: APA

Education Project Proposal(Nursing)

Subject: Postoperative teaching of paediatric patients (client - age 8 to 12) who underwent kidney transplant.

(This teaching should include recovery room expectation and information about discharge)

Criterion # 1
Give reasons why you have chosen to design, implement and evaluate this education program:
 Provide adequate rationale for this teaching activity
 Proposal should describe and briefly analyze the issue, identify target audience and clearly describe their learning needs.
 Also justify why this educational activity is needed and briefly explain the anticipated outcomes or benefits of the teaching (who will benefit and why?)
 The discussion should also include the use of relevant, professional literature which supports the rationale for the design, implementation and evaluation of the teaching activities.
Criterion # 2
Explain and justify the choice of content with reference to the target group and professional literature:
 Clearly specify all significant content/topics of the teaching activities and provide evidence of the relevant professional literature, which support this content.
 Please note that an expectation of this criterion is the ability to demonstrate that the content of the teaching is based on a thorough search of relevant, current professional literature, also justify the choice of content. It must be very detailed and well developed.
Criterion # 3
Explain and justify the choice of methods and resources with particular reference to the only target group.
 Expectation of this requirement is that to describe teaching methods, strategies and resources.
 Also explain and justify why these are appropriate for your target population based on the understanding of their current level of knowledge, their ability, readiness and motivation to learn as well as their literacy learning styles.
 You are expected to utilize relevant educational literature which supports teaching methods, strategies and resources ( must be detailed and well developed)
Criterion # 4
List 10 personal learning objectives that relate to the knowledge base necessary for designing, implementing and evaluating this education program.
 Describe and justify 10 personal learning objective although the criterion states ?list?, this does not simply imply a brief single statement for each objective
Criterion # 5
Specify the goal of the education program.
 Describe the outcomes or end results of the teaching activity
 Identify and describe long term goals of this teaching
Criterion # 6
Outline what you expect the learners to achieve ( behaviorally or otherwise).
 Carefully analyze and describe what you expect learners will achieve as a result of this teaching activity.
 Consider three types of outcomes: Cognitive, Behavioral/psychomotor, and affective
Criterion # 7
Outline methods you may use to evaluate this program
 You should consider formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluation strategies
 Consider various outcome evaluation techniques such as interviews, direct observations, record or chart reviews.

Note: I am an operating room nurse and this proposal should be based on my background.

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Title: Questioning Animal Testing Pros

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Essay Instructions: 300 word debate paper on the pros of animal testing be conducted for medical reasons. I need the Pro of Animal testing for medical discoveries, why is it beneficial. I will provide an article however find two other resources.

Use the following as a outline.
1) What animal testing is
2) The different animals that are used
3) Our thesis statement:
a) Animal testing has brought many benefits to the world, along with some problems and issues.
A) Great medical discoveries by using animal testing
i) Kidney Transplants
ii) Treatment of disease (diabetes)
iii) Treatment of Tuberculosis

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