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Title: What is Karl Marx's view of class Do you agree with it

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Essay Instructions: You have to choose minimum 5 of these sources especially the ones about sociology, contains brief information about karl marx. it has to be 1200 words and it should be critical as well. i actually dont agree with marxs view of class, so to a certain extent, his idea is good however, it is not suitable for every country.(you can extend this with your own ideas its just an example) it has to be descriptive as well. it should be based on solid information.



Butler, T. (2007). Understanding social inequality. London; Thousand Oaks, Calif
Crompton, R. (1993). Class and stratification : an introduction to current debates. Cambridge ; Cambridge, MA : Polity Press
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Reid, I. (1989). Social class differences in Britain : life-chances and life-styles. London: Fontana [Franklin-Wilkins HN400.S6 REI]
Rose, D and K. O’Reilly (eds.) (1997). Constructing classes : towards a new social classification in the UK. Swindon: ESRC/ONS
Wright, E. (1997) Classes. London: Verso
Zbigniew, A. (1972). Karl Marx: economy, class and social revolution. London: Nelson


Cohen, G. (2009) Why not socialism?
Elster, J (1986) An introduction to Marx
Gurley, J. (1976). Challengers to capitalism: Marx, Lenin and Mao
Lee, S. (200). European dictatorships, 1918-1945.
Marx, K. and Engels, F. (2005). The Communist Manifesto
Newman, M. (2005). Socialism: a very short introduction
Schumpeter, J (2010) Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy
Wacquant, L. (2009). Punishing the poor; the neoliberal government of social insecurity

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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Title: Karl Marx

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Essay Instructions: *introduction, body and conclusion needed
*references and citation in APA format
*3 pages double spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman text
*Works Cited page. only 3 sources required, can use more if needed (2 internet sources, not Wikipedia. 1 textbook source (Political Ideologies and the democratic ideal by Terence Ball and Richard Dagger 8th edition). Then any other source (if) needed.

* there is no particular subject assigned, just the Topic of Karl Marx. It can be a biography, summary of ideals, contradictions, political contribution...anything. No specific details other than listed above are asked

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Excerpt From Essay:


Freedland, J. (2013) A Man of His Time "Karl Marx" by Jonathan Sperber. The New York Times. 29 Mar 2013. Retrieved from: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/31/books/review/karl-marx-by-jonathan-sperber.html?ref=karlmarx

Karl Marx's Theory of Population (nd) Population and Natural Resources: Conceptual Framework. AAG Center for Global Geography Education. Retrieved from: http://cgge.aag.org/PopulationandNaturalResources1e/CF_PopNatRes_Jan10/CF_PopNatRes_Jan109.html

Karl, Marx (1818-1883) (2013) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved from: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/marx/

McHenry, R. (2005) Encountering Commuism: The Theory of Karl Marx. In: National History Day contest. Subject: Encountering Communism: the theories of Karl Marx

Originally an "Academic Article" on Nerdland.Net, posted 5 May 2005. Retrieved from: http://users.nerdland.net/rachel/encountering_communism.html

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Title: sociology

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Essay Instructions: biography on Karl Marx. discussing his life, work, and theories that he contributed to the field of sociology.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

The Life and Work of Karl Marx. Outstanding Dates. www.marxists.org

Karl Marx, 1818-1883. History Guide. www.historyguide.org

Karl Marx, German social Philosopher and Revolutionary. The Windows Philosophers. www.trincoll.edu

Engels Frederick. Bjorn's Guide To Philosophy - Marx. July 1868. www.knuten.liu.se

Socialism: Marxists and Gradualists. Learning Network. www.infoplease.com

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Title: Karl Marx John Maynard Keynes

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Essay Instructions: Topic:
Research paper on Economic viewpoints, policys, concepts and ideas of Karl Marx, Include His economic ideas and contribution to communism and his economic ideas surrounding it. Also a complete Compare and Contrast of his economic policys/ideas/concepts and background to John Maynard Keynes, Include on what they agree and dissagree on and how they went about implmenting their policys.(compare contrast)

Min of 5 serperate sources, and 6 citations. NO MORE THEN 3 sources maybe be internet sources. Same with citations. Rest must be published printed works.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Beams, Nick. "A question on Marx and Keynes." World Socialist Web Site. August 8, 2001. May 9, 2005. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2001/aug2001/keyn-a08.shtml

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Kroessin, Ralf. "Economic Thought and the Role of the State in Late Development." Totse.com. 1998. May 9, 2005. http://www.totse.com/en/politics/economic_documents/167748.html

Marx, Karl. Capital, the Communist Manifesto and Other Writings. Ed. Max Eastman. New York: The Modern Library, 1959.

Marx was not just a theorist but also a revolutionary; and stated in his "Thesis on Feuerbach": "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it."

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (1917) and the Communist Revolution in China (1949) affected the lives of a significant percentage of the world population. Almost one-fourth of the world's population lived under governments that claimed to be Marxist in the second half of the 20th century.

Adam Smith had specified four stages of successive social development, i.e., the age of hunters, the age of herders or shepherds, the age of farmers and the commercial age

Capitalism, according to the Marxist definition, is a system in which the producers are the employees and do not have the means to own the equipment and material needed to produce the commodities.

Marx wrote in the "Communist Manifesto" that "The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the bourgeoisie."

Jean Baptiste Say (1767-1832), a French economist, was one of Adam Smith's most faithful disciples, who was a great believer in 'laissez faire' and the 'self-correcting' mechanism of a market economy.

In his work, "The Essence of Christianity," Feuerbach argued that God is really a creation of man and that the qualities people attribute to God are really qualities of humanity.

Marx and Keynes

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