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Title: The task prepare a research paper a contemporary manifestation ethnicity global politics The topic selected important question defined a make a feasible project research writing Of project primary includes secondary sources

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Essay Instructions: The task is to prepare a research paper on a contemporary manifestation of ethnicity in global politics. The topic selected should be an important question but defined in such a way as to make it a feasible project for research and writing. Of course, the project will primary includes the use of secondary sources. You will not be conducting primary research. I have selected of a topic listed below. The design should spell out in some detail the topics to be covered and the specific research questions to be addressed. While the number of bibliographic citations will vary according to the topic. Papers will involve minimum of 20 sources( Books, journal articles and newspapers). I have mail you the sources to work this project. Please only use the sources that I have mail you from the post office. Please return back the sources to me after you have done with this project. This paper is minimum of 15 pages and required ASA ( American Sociological Association) www.asanet.org.Writing does not have to be very professional. Please use undergraduate frist year collage level writing is enough.Please included all the sources of my own and inclded everything below that i have listed. Thank you very much.

What are the political demands of the Karen ethnic group and what organization and tactics are used by Karen ethnic groups in Burma ( to achieve their demands)?

Primary questions
What are the primary political demands of the Karen ethnic minority in Burma?
Secondary question
What are the primary Karen political organizations and what tactics do they employ?

1. What are the major problems that the Karen faces?
2. What demands do the Karen people have?
3. What kind of political organization are they using to meet their demands?
4. What kind of political tactics are they using?

Out Line
I. Introduction
II. Statement of primary and secondary research questions.
III. Problems that the Karen people face and their political demands.
A. Problems
B. Demands
IV. Political Organization they are using ( demands )
V. Conclusion

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