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Essay Instructions: Jury Nullification Paper

?Explain whether ethnicity influences courtroom proceedings and judicial practices.
?Summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification.
?Include contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification.
?Conclude by choosing a position for or against ethnicity-based jury nullification and defend your decision.

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Title: the jury system its pros and cons

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Essay Instructions: Hi, i need an opening statement in a class debate. i should be arguing against the jury system (i reside in a country where there is not a jury system. the class has been divided in two groups: one favors the jury system and the other against it. i am on the team that is against the jury team.) i would appreciate a statement that is rich in context but concise in length. (if necessary, bullet points will be fine. i should be able to articulate based on the bullet points.) thank you.

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Essay Instructions: 900 words.

Watch the 20 minute video on using statistics to fool juries and then craft a 700-1000 word reply covering the following. Ted (Peter Donnelly) Oxford mathematician Peter Donnelly reveals the common
? The first ten minutes largely covers a thought experiment on coin tosses. What did you think the correct answer was (A, B, or C) and were you surprised by the correct answer? Why or why not?
? After the coin toss there is a section on a hypothetical HIV test, were you surprised by the answer? why or not why?
? Peter Donnelly talked about the relative difference between two scenarios and uncertainty. In your own words, explain what those terms mean and why the lack of a jury understanding these concepts is a losing proposition for a defendant. Ted (Peter Donnelly) Oxford mathematician Peter Donnelly reveals the common

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Title: three question

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Essay Instructions: Please prepare 2 page response for each question. Be sure that the answer are basically your own and if you should utilize outside sources to assist you in your essay, please be sure to reference them accordingly.

Please each question two page, and put every question on each top of the page.

1. Evaluate the jury system currently in the United States in terms of fairness and justice.
2. Compare and contrast national and state government (California) in terms of organization and operations. What are the primary roles of municipal governments in Southern California?
3. Please describe the ways the president. obviously and subtle, influences economic policy and foreign policy. Should we elect presidents differently than we do now, through the Eledtoral College?

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