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Title: Jung's Archetypal Myths

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Essay Instructions: Jung's Archetypal Myths

In a carefully crafted response of no fewer than 250 words, please specify which one of the interpretative theories of myth discussed in Chapter Two that you believe best explains how myth in general is structured. Choose a specific theory, such as myth and ritual, charter, Jungian, etc.; Your response should focus on one theory and one theory only. (Please note: Choosing the "best" approach does not mean that other theories aren't valuable and viable; you are specifying the theory you think best explains how myth operates.) Feel free to use a specific Greek myth as an example of why you believe this particular approach best explains how myths work. There is no right or wrong choice; you are to argue for whichever approach you prefer.

Text Book Classical Mythology Images and Insights 6th edition. Stephen L. Harris

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Title: Carl Jung

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Essay Instructions: dear writer
i am going to e-mail you some document that shows how my professor wants the paper be
and i want one of the sources be from my book, book name is theories of personality ninth edition by Duane P. schultz , Sydney Ellen Schultz ISB-13: 978-0-495-50625-6
the topic That i chosed is Carl Jung

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Title: Asian

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Essay Instructions: BOOK:

Jung Chang, Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, Viking Press,

According to the book please answer the following question.

Discuss the position of women in traditional, late-Qing China, in Quomindong China, and in post-Maoist China.

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Title: Carl Jung's Theory of

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Essay Instructions: A general essay on Jungian Analytical Psychology. It should include the following;
an outline of what material will be covered in the essay
a general introduction to Jung
Discuss key concepts in Jung's work, include archetypes and some examples of these, anima and animus, the persona and the shadow.
Discuss Jung's understanding of the dynamics of the psyche. Refer and explain the principle of opposites, principle of equivalence and the principle of entropy.
Discuss Jung's understanding of the self and synchronicity
Discuss Introversion and Extroversion
Discuss Myers Briggs Indicator
Critique Jung's work, referencing other commentators opinions
Discuss how Jung can be used in psychotherapy today

Refer to original sources throughout the essay, citing the reference in the text of the essay and in alphabetical order at the end

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