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Title: Beliefs in Jumpers

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Essay Instructions: "Beliefs" in Jumpers
Jumpers is a play written by Tom Stoppard

I think there are many beliefs in the play, the belief of the existence of God, the belief of a murder and many others...etc...the play is philosophical

below is the guide line of writing an essay for a drama class that my instructor gave me:

What you are aiming to do, is to show that you understand the play and/or its production in full detail, and to pass on your information to your reader. You need to know what you are talking about, and a simple repetition of your notes
is not enough. You need to show that you can apply what you know. So, revise the play. Think about the production. Be aware of the techniques being used.

1.PROOF. You need to back up your points with detailed examples.
2.GENERALIZATIONS. Is what you are saying really true? Think it over.
3.REPETITION. Try not to say the same thing over and over again.
4.STRUCTURE OF ESSAY. Make a plan before you start.

Usually, your first paragraph states your thesis, or the line you are going to take on your material. Then, each paragraph should be linked together, and should follow on naturally from one another. Finally, you need a conclusion,
which should not be a mere re-listing of what you have already said.

the guide line was pretty much elementary on how to write an essay..I''m sure you guys know what you''re doing...I''m taking this class in London, instructor is British, so she grades hard and weird, but since I ordered from you guys before, I have my full trust in you. Thank you very much

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