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Title: Judical Branch

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Essay Instructions: Is the Judicial branch the "least" or "most" dangerous branch of government?
Explain and defend your answer.

Does the checks an balances between the three branches of goverment work? Why or why not ?

BOOK- Government by the People,.Prentice Hall, BURNS

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Essay Instructions: ok, what I'll be do instead of writing an outline, I'll be throwing in all relavant notes and ideas that i would like to include in the essay. First i will start with the essay topic, then I'll state my postition for the thesis sentence. Just because i'm pro for one side of the arguement does not mean, i don't want to talk about the "cons" of the arguement. Infact, this essay paper should be more of an against argument, but my position will be clear and for judicial review.

Anylyze "This Anti-Democratic Institude" the pros and con arguments. Write of how the supreme court excercise this authority and what's the courts role?

my position will be that, "although undemocratic, it should remain. it takes some power away from the states........" Feel free to elaborate. On the essay i do want to talk extensively about how judicial review is IN FACT a very undemocratic institude" Also Judicial review sets american courts apart from other countries

In the introductory i would like to talk about the origin of Judicial review. In here, i want to mention Marbury V. Madison. Chief Marshalls role, Judiciary act of 1789 article 3, Marshalls refusal to grant Marbury writ of mandamus in favor of marbury. More importantly the "Genius" behind Marshalls actions in establishing the JUDICIAL REVIEW.

these are notes to keep in mind and to be emphasising though out the essay. (How every public official is subject to judicial review. It's controversial because it is UNDEMOCRATIC- leaving the ULTIMATE decision to the judiciary)

The judicial branch having the power to overturn legislation by executive and legislative branch.

one dominating theme of the essay should include this from my notes. "The Judiciary has become more of a policy making body more so than a legal body" <--important

I would also like to include formal and informa qualifications, tenure, the mention of popular justices (Holmes, Brandies, Marshall,Black)

I would like to mention also the current election and the possibity that George Bush might appoint as many as 3-4 justices before his term is up and how politics, party affiliation, and ideology play a dominating role rather than legislative role.

CHief Justice Renquist's illness. Pro-Life Pro CHoice justices. No Litmus tests, as promised by george bush, even though my position is that he is lying.

Well I hope this is enough information to complete my essay. The ideas and notes that i mention is what i like the essay to constist of. Both historical and even current events. But more so on Judicial review and its undemocratic institude. Keep in mind that my position in the thesis statement will be from a liberal point of view. i'm in favor Marshall's and 'Federalists because it took power away from the states and nationalized government. It gave the National Government final say so on any State laws declared unconstitutional by the Supreme court. Oh one other thing. please include Gideon V. Wainwright. very important case in which the supreme court overturned the state's decision and the bases that every citizen is intitled to counsel. <---part of class discussion

this is it for now. unless something comes up i will try and contact you. my number is

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Title: Judicial Review

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Essay Instructions: In 1989 by a 5 to 4 decision, the US Supreme Court declared a Texas flag protection law to be a violation of the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech provision. The process by which the Court can declare a state or Federal law unconstitutional is know as judicial review. In your essay examine the origins of judicial review. Where in Article III, if at all, is the concept of judicial review addressed? How does Marbury v. Madison (1803) relate to judicial review? Using the Texas v. Johnson (1989) case examine what happens when a law is struck down as unconstitutional. Once the judicial branch has exercised judicial review, are there any options open to opposing views from either the executive or legislative branches?
This essay should address the preceding issue by incorporating, in detail, each of these concepts:

The Legislative Process,
Article V (amending the Constitution),
Judicial Review,
Marbury v. Madison (1803),
Judiciary Act of 1789,
or Texas v. Johnson (1989)

The key to the assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of the political concepts by incorporating them, in detail, into your examination of the topic. Don't become overly concerned with the topic to the detriment of a detailed discussion of the political concepts.

This task is to take the knowledge you gained from the reading of the course materials and the articles and analyze the topic through the perspective of the concepts listed above. Essays should be succinct, informative, coherent, and thoroughly based upon political analysis. Remember the key to the assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of the political concepts by incorporating them, in detail, into your examination of the topic. Don't become overly concerned with the topic to the detriment of a detailed discussion of the political concepts.

I have PDF files that I will e-mail that have information from the teat book.

Articles That can be refered to:
High court rulings led to quest for flag-burning amendment

Henry J. Hyde
Physical Desecration of the Flag of the United States: US House Floor Statement

Robert Longley
Flag Protection Amendment Passes House, Senate rejection again expected

Christopher Smith
Hatch Flag-Burning Ban Gains Backers in Senate

Texas v. Johnson: Justice Brennan's Majority Opinion
Court’s Ruling in Flag Burning Case

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Title: Swedens Current Justice System

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3924 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Here is the breakdown. If you must use more pages, Sources, time or less pages, feel free to let me know...

Required Sections for Final Country Criminal Justice Project Report
You are REQUIRED to have major headings and subheadings in your paper for each of the following sections:

Section 1: Overview of the Country:

? Location
? Geography
? Population size and ethic composition
? Political system and system of government

Section 2: Description of Crime and Crime Statistics:

? Describe the major crimes and current crime issue
? Discuss the way in which the country acquires, compiles and reports crime statistics.
? Present examples of compiled crime statistics
? Comparison of your country with countries with similar legal systems

Section 3: Description of the Legal Tradition of the Country:

In discussing the Legal Tradition of the country, you should include a section that discusses both the substantive and procedural law of the country.

Substantive Law:

In the substantive law section, you should discuss how the criminal code/laws have been and are created and give examples of substantive laws. For example, are the laws in your country all created at the "federal" level or do political subdivisions also create criminal laws. In the US this is done at the federal, state, and local levels. You should discuss the degree of severity of the laws. For example, in the US we have felonies and misdemeanors. In the Islamic Legal Tradition there are three categories of crimes: hudud, quesas and ta'azir. Every country has a distinction between major and minor offenses. Typically these a distinguished by the penalty attached to the offense. You should give examples of these.??Procedural Law

You should also discuss procedural laws and give examples of these. In both cases, you should tie your discussion to the text. Be careful not to confuse this section with the section you will write later on the judicial system. While they are related, this section should focus on the Legal Tradition of the country and not the enforcement system or the judicial system. ??You should tie all of this back to the text. In fact you should consider using the text material as introduction to the research you found. For example, if your country uses the inquisitorial process, you might what to use the text material to set the stage for your discussion of the process in your country.


? Compare your country with countries with similar legal systems.

Section 4: Description of the Law Enforcement System:

? The section on law enforcement should contain a thorough description of the organizational structure including a discussion of how that structure fits the classification found in your book.
? The syllabus states that for each section "Compare your country to countries with similar systems discussed in the text". You need to do this for this and all sections.
? In addition to the structure, you need to discuss what jurisdiction each unit or division of your countries police has. In other words, what type of crimes or offenses are they responsible for enforcing.
? This section must discuss the selection and training of law enforcement personnel.
? Comparison of your country with countries with similar systems

Section 5: Description of the Criminal Justice Court System:

? Describe the actors in that country's criminal justice legal system.
? Describe what role they play.
? Describe how they are trained and selected to do their job.
? Describe how they fit in the structure of that county's government. For example, as discussed in the US Court System, the judge's role is as an independent adjudicator is aligned with the Judicial Branch of Government.
? Compare your country with countries with similar legal systems

Section 6: Description of the Corrections System:

In this report you should discuss the use of prisons and community corrections in your country. You should discuss the corrections philosophy, i.e. retribution, rehabilitation and etc. If applicable to your country, you should discuss the use of capital punishment. Finally, you should discuss any variation in punishment base on gender, ethnicity, religion, or residency status. Residency status relates to whether people are citizens of the country by birth, are citizens by naturalization, or are resident aliens.
? Comparison of your country with countries with similar legal systems

This paper should fully describe SWEDENS Current Justice System...
Must Be in APA
Paper must include the Works Cited/Bibliography page pertinent to the APA Style...

I would like you to use some material from my course book, that I am faxing in .
I would like you to use two internet sites that I chose:

That makes 3 sources, the other two are up to you - be it online or a publicly available book (I prefer online sources) I can not use any website like wikipedia, all sources must be professional and verifiable.

This assignment/Research Paper will be submitted to and checked twice for plagiarism. I need a completely new, one of a kind paper.

I will also email these guidlines...

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