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Title: Jonathan Swift

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the different roles that Jonathan Swift played such as patriot, clergymen, and satirist. By doing so touch on how his life in the clergy affected his work and made him such an excellent satirist and by using A Modest Proposal show examples of his successful use of satire.

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Title: Biogrpahical report on author artist

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Essay Instructions: Both Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain write with a satirical tone. Spend some time looking at other satires and consider why authors use satire when dealing with serious subjects. Investigate Jonathon Swift or Mark Twain (or another satirical author). Your choice may also include contemporary artists like Rick Mercer, Matt Groening, personalities from Saturday Night Live or Air Farce, etc.
Write a biographical report on the author/artist. In your report, include the following information:
1. A brief examination of the author?s early life (family, education)
2. The general historical context of the time (what was happening during the author?s lifetime that may have influenced his writing ? focus in on one or two events, don?t try to examine too much)
3. Other major works of the author and tone of the works ? are they all satirical in tone?
4. Include at least one image of the author
5. Include at least one other opinion of the author ? what do others say about the author and his importance in society.
This is NOT an essay, but rather an informational report. You should not include personal feelings about the author or the works. This should be an unbiased presentation of facts.

Set up your report as follows:
subtitles for each new section include citations and a works cited (aka - bibliography) page. In English we use the MLA format. Refer to the NorQuest Library website for proper citing in reports -
this webpage ? especially Tools, Examples, FAQs ? will help you understand how to avoid plagiarizing in research by properly citing information.
- Each quote, image, fact must be cited in the body of the report
- The Works Cited page must include all the resources (books, WebPages, etc) you used for your research.

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Essay Instructions: The topic is ( Compare and contrast the lives of three famous Irish witers: Swift, Joyce and Yeasts. Discuss the love/ hate relationships they had with that country. I need double space between the sentences. I need to use short quotes not more than a sentence with quotation marks. long quotes that is single space between the sentences but with out quotation marks and cite author name and page number. I need to show the source for each short and long qoutations (author, page number). on each page you could use two or three short quotations, and two or three long ones on the whole research paper. borrow ideas from the sources. but write them on your own words and show source cited at the end of the paragrph from which pages are these ideas borrowed. Please I don't need copy and paste ideas. Idon't need to write one page about each writer but pare an contrast thier lives. and love/hate relashionships they had with their country.

These are some of the six sources that want to use.
Murry, John Middleton.(Jonathan Swift, acritical biography)
New York, Noonday Press, 1955.

Byrne, John Francis.( Silent Years).
new york, 1953

costello, peter.( James joyce:The Years Of Growth).
New York: Pantheon Books, 1993.
use also other three sources that you think is good ones to use. please show me all wor cited so i can go back to them to check that you did for me all what i asked for. thank you very much.
I need a good thesis for this research paper
Student name sharif Email

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Title: Jonathan Swift's Galliver's Travel Part IV

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Essay Instructions: Topic: How Much of this Satire is relavent to today?
From the text of Jonathan Swift's novel Galliver's Travel Part IV. A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms.

The topic can be as general or specific (ie. Human nature, Politic, Law, War) Please choose one and argue the point that it is still relavant to today's society.

Please use the direct quote from the text to support the argument. Please include the chapter where the quote is from so I can add the page number later on.

Pleas do not include any biographu of author in the essay. I need the Intro with the thesis, body and strong conclusion.

Please do not add any other sources other than the text.
Please do not copy from other internet sources. It needs to be creative.

Focus and coordination in the sentences as well as the paragraphs are the key point to this essay.

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