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Title: John Winthrop

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Essay Instructions: You are expected to complete a short research assignment on John Winthrop and how he helped and developed Puritanism in Colonial America. The paper must cite at least two SCHOLARLY secondary sources and two primary sources (letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, etc.) concerning the topic. These are to be fully footnoted following Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style format. Papers will be graded on content, style and proper footnote form. Use the sources to guide your interpretation/argument about your topic. Your papers should aim to make a specific argument, NOT provide an overly-broad overview of the topic.

ABSOLUTELY NO on-line encyclopedias can be used. These are NOT scholarly sources! You may find your primary sources on the web, however, and sometimes these are found on .com sites like

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Works Cited

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Title: American Founding and its Legacies

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast John Locke "Second Treatise of Government" and John Winthrop's " Model of Christain Charity" understanding of human equality.
Do Locke and Winthrop think that human beings are equal?
In what ways are they equal and what ways they are not?
What conclusions do Winthrop and Locke draw from their understandings of equality about both structure and purpose of the government?

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Locke, J. (1632-1704) Two Treatises of Government in the former "The False Principles and Foundations of Sir Robert Filmer and His Followers are Detected and Overthrown. Retrieved from:

Winthrop, J. (1630) a Model of Christian Charity. Composed aboard the ship Arbella, en route to the New World. Retrieved from:

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Title: Anne Hutchinson

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Essay Instructions: From my professor: I want you to analyze John Winthrop's account of the Anne Hutchinson controversy. You might consider the question of why Winthrop and his cohorts seem so determined to rid Boston of Mrs. Hutchinson. You will want to refer to "From The Journal of John Winthrop," which is found in "The Norton Anthology-American Literature"-seventh edition-volume A-Beginning to 1820. It is found on page 158-165. ("The Norton Anthology, American Literature" is a very common work used in lit. classes nation wide and can be found in any library.) Looking forward to Hathorne's "The Scarlet Letter", one might consider how Hutchinson's conflict with authority in Boston parallels Hester's conflict with authority in the novel (Hawthorne identifies Hester Prynne with Hucthinson in the opening pages of the book.) This paper must have a title and can't have more than one internet source.

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Works Cited

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Title: History

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  • Words: 2007
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Essay Instructions: There are TWO essay that have to be written.Don't use large vocabulary.
ESSAY 1 600 words: Read John Winthrop?s speech at What did he mean by a city on a hill? What does the author?s writing style tell you about the Puritans who settled in Boston?

ESSAY 2 600 words:

Identify and discuss the key factors that Nash, Norton and Stannard believe helped shape colonial attitudes towards Native Americans. How were those attitudes manifested in the relations between colonials and Native Americans? How did the Native American tribes approach various European settlers? How were they received? Using the texts, imagine what a Native American leader would think when a European settlement is established nearby.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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