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Title: John Steinbeck why soldiers won t talk

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Essay Instructions: John Steinbeck is author chosen. Read "why soldiers won't talk". Assignment junior research project: analyzing literature. Read assigned literature, then research author life and time period in which he or she writes. Next analyze the authors material in relationship to either his/her life or the time period in which the author writes. Decide if you believe the author influences the time period or did time period influence the author. Once you draw conclusion, find two critiques which support your opinion. Finally, write research paper based upon your supported conclusions about this author. Format a thesis. Create annotated bibliography. Construct outline. Works cited.
Font 12 size, double space and proper margins. Each page header aligned with students last name (HILL) and page number.
First page (Michael Hill) teachers name (Ms. Bonnie) class is (English 3) date 1/8/14, please align [left]
title John Steinbeck, "Why Soldiers Won't Talk" [centered]

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Title: John Steinbecks In Dubious Battle

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Essay Instructions: John steinbecks "In Dubious Battle"
.Focus upon how characters represent the various ideas held by capital and labor by the 1930''s
.consider the structures of power and how they shape the strikes he describes
.Include Sienbecks characterization of the communist party, the plight of workers he describes and the response of capital to the challenge of labor. Do you think this is a pro-communist or pro-worker novel? where do you think stienbeck stands on these questions?
.paper must include spacifac citations from novel.
.tie in some info from class-conflict of the post civil war late 1800''s.

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Title: analysis

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Essay Instructions: John Steinbeck, “The Chrysanthemums” and Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Young Goodman Brown”

In each of these stories, we have characters facing enormous trials—and, in some cases, failing to pass the challenge. Pick two of these characters and describe, in detail, how they do (or do not) face up to the challenges before them

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Essay Instructions: Instructions: Develop it into an essay no more than two pages long. Be sure to quote the text to support your argument. Type, edit, and proofread your work carefully.

6. In the work of John Steinbeck, his novel The Grapes of Wrath is commonly regarded as a masterpiece. Get your hands on a copy of the film, the one with Henry Fonda as Tom Joad. Compare the ending of the film with ?Chapter 30,? the final chapter of the novel. Then compose an essay about two pages in length in which you explain how and why one is different from the other.

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