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Title: John Quincy Adams

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Essay Instructions: How do you explain John Quincy Adams's great success as secretary of state (see Chapter 7) and his relative lack of success as president?

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POTUS. (2013, September 26). John Quincy Adams - President of the United States (POTUS). POTUS -- Presidents of the United States. Retrieved September 26, 2013, from

Miller Center. (2013, September 26). American President: Biography of John Quincy Adams. Miller Center. Retrieved September 26, 2013, from

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Title: Identify 5 items and write an essay on another

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Essay Instructions: This is exactly the same request as was done on A2014334 that Serban did for me. So this would be a breeze for him to do.
What I need is 2 to 3 paragraphs identifying any 5 of the items listed below under Identifications and a 5 page essay on any one of the essay topics listed below. This will be the exact same format as A2014334 where Serban wrote the identifications of the 5 items first and then the 5 page essay afterwards.
Identifications: (Choose any five)
John Brown
John Quincy Adams
Compromise of 1820
The Monroe Doctrine
The Gold Rush
The Compromise of 1850
The Freeport Doctrine
The election of 1860
The Emancipation Proclamation
Nathan Bedford Forrest
The Texas Revolution
Essay Topics (Choose one)
Reconstruction -- (See A2013607 done by Serban) -- You will need to shorten it a bit if you choose this one.
War of 1812 -- (See A2013128 done by Serban) -- You will need to lengthen it a bit if you choose this one.
Career of Andrew Jackson
Mexican American War
The American Civil War
The usual double spaced, 12-point, Times Roman
Need 5 resources of which 2 should be primary sources....Check References on A2013607 for examples
Customer is requesting that (Serban) completes this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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US history. "The Monroe Doctrine" Historic Documents. 2010. Available at

The White House. "Abraham Lincoln." Presidents. 2010. Available at

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