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Title: Knowledge bu John Locke

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Essay Instructions: John Locke and uncertainty about perception of the world:
Background: The ac curacy and reliability of perception is a problem for Locke because of primary and secondary qualities. Primary qualities are really properties of the thing perceived, but secondary qualities are not; they are only ways the object affects us. This is really what they are, material things with material properties. Anything else about how they appear must be based simply on their shape, size, and composition.

The assignment:
Outline the distinction between primary and secondary qualities discussed on page 154 ? 156 (paragraphs 8 to 16). From the book The Quest For Truth Fifth edition by Louis P. Pojman. Discuss briefly what that means we really know about objects we sense, and what we normally think we know but don?t. Choose a simple example of a perceived object and distinguish between its primary and its secondary qualities. Conclude with one paragraph on your own opinion on whether Locke?s position on secondary qualities seems reasonable.

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Essay Instructions: John Locke's Two treatises of government and a letter concerning toleration

Henry D Thoreau's Civil Disobedience and other essays

No specific cititations required
Double spaced and 12 pt.

In answering this question you should consider their different assessment of majority rule among other things.

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Title: John locke

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Essay Instructions: NO other sources. Only John Locke's Second Treatise. APA I Need CITING.
One might make the argument that the most key passage in Locke is section 50, near the end of Chapter V, in which he concludes his discussion of gold (money) and the obtainment of a "disproportionate and unequal possession of the earth." Read this passage very carefully. Do you agree that "men have agreed to a disproportionate and unequal possession of the earth" through "tacit and voluntary consent"? Or was this imposed upon most men by the strongest among them? Can "a man fairly possess more land” than he can use “without injury to anyone"? Does money (i.e. gold and silver) represent real wealth in goods and services? What is, or should be, the role of government in securing the right to and protection of “disproportionate” wealth? To what extent is this, indeed, the key or core of Locke’s Second Treatise? This option invites, perhaps, critique of Locke or discussion of wider political-philosophical issues raised by or in the Second Treatise. (Remember: just don’t answer the previous questions … use them to brainstorm, not to organize your essay!!!)

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Title: John Locke

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Essay Instructions: Here is the topic of the paper and the guidelines:
1. Paper and all cites and references must follow APSA guidelines.
2. Paper must have a minimum of five sources. These sources must come from the electronic resources found on the library's website (such as JSTOR) or from primary or secondary print sources. Non-academic internet sources (including encyclopedic sources) are absolutely prohibited.

John Locke. Write a paper which situates that writer in his or her time and context. Biographical and historical information will be important, but I will also expect you to analyze how the writer "fits" in with his or her period. What personal experiences might have informed their work? Were they part of a larger trend or intellectual movement? Did they have contemporaries who engaged their arguments? I also expect you to bring the writer's major arguments into the 21st century and explain how they might apply.

Please also attach copies of the sources with the paper when you send it to me.

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