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Title: John Adams

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3045 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: Turabian Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please send the paper in .doc format not .docx as I do not have the newest version of MS Word.

The paper must examine a topic whch requires an argument (made by me) with supporting evidence. I would prefer something about 2nd U.S. President John Adams.

The paper is not due for several weeks however I am desperately in need of a proposal for the paper which must be approved. I need this as soon as possible.

The proposal thesis must be 2 paragraphs identifying my argument. Additionally, in the proposal I must list the supporting arguments as well as the intended references.

Please let me know how soon you will be able to get me the thesis, arguments, amd references.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The two composers I chose were Phillip Glass and John Adams. Could you please follow the guide lines below for the paper, for the above mentioned composers Phillip Glass and John Adams. Please cite 10 pieces of works from each composer in the paper and use a works cite page for the pieces. The paper should about each composers life, a brief background of his life and or career and if he is involved in any specific movement in musical history of the 20th century. This does not have to be long as i want it to be for both composers in 3 pages. Thank you for your help again

Project 2
20th-Century Composer Group Presentations

Paper and Presentation Due: April 29, May 2, 4, or 6 (paper is due on date of presentation)

Paper Length: 3-4 pages

Presentation Length: 15 minutes (includes a minimum of one musical example)

Format: Typed in a 12-point font (Times New Roman), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, with name and course number in the upper left hand corner. No covers or folders, please. Staple pages. Please follow standard MLA style guidelines for grammar, punctuation, etc. Provide a descriptive title.

Part I ? Paper:
Write a 3-4 page paper about one of the following composers (the list is drawn from composers covered in your text book in chapters 1-20 of the section ?Twentieth Century and Beyond?):

April 29
Alban Berg and Anton Webern
B?la Bartok
Dmitri Shostakovich
May 2
George Gershwin
William Grant Still
Alberto Ginastera
May 4
John Cage
Edgard Varese and Krysztof Penderecki
George Crumb
May 6
Philip Glass and John Adams

Your paper needs to provide a brief overview of the composer?s life and works. If your composer(s) is associated with a specific movement (i.e. minimalism, chance music, electronic music, etc.) please provide information about that musical movement and how your composer(s) was involved. Use your textbook and at least two other reliable sources (re: NOT Wikipedia or other shoddy internet source) to find information about your composer. Make sure to clearly site your references using MLA style guidelines.
Listen to at least 2 pieces by your composer. Listen to each piece several times.
Provide a brief list of your composer?s most famous works and make sure to list at least 10 pieces by this composer in your paper. You may organize them by genre, date, etc. Finally, describe and discuss the pieces you listened to and covered in your presentation. What does the music sound like in general? Is this piece representative of your composer?s style?
Provide a Works Cited page listing your textbook, other reference materials, and the sources/location of the recordings from which you listened to the pieces.

Part II ? Presentation
Your 15-minute presentation may take on a variety of formats. You need to provide the class with a basic understanding of the composer (biographical information, etc.) and his/her works. You may use PowerPoint, handouts, visual aides, video, audio, etc. Your presentation must include at least one musical example and can include up to three. The music you play may take up about half of your presentation (no more than half). Be sure to provide the class with information about the piece(s) and guide them through the listening (i.w. point out what they should listen for in the piece in terms of texture, dynamics, timbre, harmony, etc.). Think of your presentation as a mini-lecuture. You and your group are responsible for teaching your composer and their music to the class.

Presentation content: 100 points
Presentation quality (delivery): 50 points
Paper: 100 points

Total = 250 pts.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: The History of John Adams and his role with the Declaration of Independance

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1686 References: 4 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 1. Please number the pages. Excluding cover sheet.

2. The research paper is on " The history of John Adams and his role with the Declaration of Independance."

3. Please type the paper, double-spaced on 8 ½ by 11 inch word document.

Thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: John Adams Benjamin Franklin

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2028 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Benjamin Franklin & John Adams
Specific for each writer:

Franklin is a refreshing new view from the Puritans. Not stuffy, and in fact, almost modern and much more contemporary. What is odd is his conflicts and discontinuities in his system of values: not concerned with the condition of the soul and a quest for worldly effectiveness are not Puritan at all. He strives for an almost secular perfection.

John & Abigail Adams express moments of intimacy in their letters, something that might not have been so common with respect to correspondence that would have been, in a way, ?public?. Formal letter writing in the 18th century had a specific presentation and code it followed; one from which these two often times stray. These letters express both political change and personal relationship in different ways.

1. What similarities and essential differences can we see between Franklin?s project of ?moral Perfection? & the Puritan notion of morality?
2. How does Franklin adapt to what he calls the ?Age of Experiments? to political and personal life? Why is what Franklin saying considered to be radically new?
3. Explain how the letters between John and Abigail are ?rare? for the 18th century?
4. How do these letters transcend the formality of the time and what place does feeling have?

How does Franklin?s Autobiography and Adams Letters reveal them to be eighteenth century men? How is each writing to an eighteenth century audience: Franklin speaking about wealth and personal well being and the Adam?s desire for more personal attentiveness in their letters. How are both of these authors contrary to eighteenth century culture?

Excerpt From Essay:

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