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Title: job opportunities for health care managers in 2020

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Essay Instructions: The following is the main question of this paper: What will be the best job opportunities for health care managers in 2020? In order to answer this question we also need to discuss the following:

Please answer the above question by hitting the following key points: Present, analyze, and discuss the future impact of current US health care trends, including the overall economy, demographics, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology (including biotechnology and smartphones), and federal and state government policies. Please 2 do so in APA style.


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Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2010). Medical and health services managers.

Retrieved from

Coombs, B. (2013). Aging baby boomers may find long-term care elusive. Retrieved from

Wake, M. (2010). Nurses and the Affordable Care Act. American Journal of Nursing. 110 (9): 11.

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Title: Job Opportunities

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Essay Instructions: I would like to request Writer’s Username: “FreelanceWriter” to write this paper.

The text is Schmalleger, F. (2009) Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century. New Jersey: Prentice Hall

This should be in the form of a speech.


You work for an agency that links the courts with diversionary correctional programs. Your teen-age child has asked you to address a career fair at the local high school. Write a 5-7 page speech that you would give, describing job opportunities and job functions in probation, parole, community corrections and other diversionary programs for youths and adults. Try to give the high school students some indication of what kind of educational background they would need for those careers and what kind of work they would be doing.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Sources Consulted

Schmalleger, F. (2009) Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century. New Jersey: Prentice Hall

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Title: Review job listings a multinational organization You choose organizations Week Two Write a 1 050 1 200 word paper address Outline recruitment strategies organization Explain organization classifies job opportunities assumptions made classifications

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Essay Instructions: Review the job listings at a multinational organization. You may choose from the organizations from Week Two. Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper in which you address the following:

? Outline the recruitment strategies the organization uses.

? Explain how the organization classifies their job opportunities and what assumptions may be made about the classifications.

? Using the information from your text and the organization?s website, determine how the following factors assist in deciding the optimal mix of home and host country employees:

o The type of international assignment

o The culture and language preparedness of the employee

o The length of the assignment

o The host and home country recruitment and selection practices

o Staff availability and skill set

? Compare the benefits offered with your personal expectations. Discuss compensation, relocation, repatriation, living standards, family considerations, and safety.

? Identify information on expatriate programs from the listing and organization website. Based on the information, recommend additional components to include. Determine how each component strategically benefits the organization and its employees.

Format your paper consistent with APA version 6 guidelines. Be sure to include a clear thesis statement in your introduction that represents your position/response on the issues in the assignment instructions.

Select from the following list of organizations from week 2:

? Coca-Cola?

? LG?

? Nestl??

? IBM?:;

? Anheuser-Busch InBev?:

? Starbucks?

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Anheuser-Busch. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from:

Explore AB. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from:

Our Graduate Recruitment Programs. (2012). Best Beer Job. Retrieved from:

Our People and Culture. (2012). Best Beer Job. Retrieved from:

People. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from:

Why Work for Anheuser-Busch. (2012). Anheuser-Busch. Retrieved from:

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Title: Chef

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  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: It must be a 'Formal Report' for my Technical Communication class, the following information has all specifications:

You are to write a report on the job opportunities in your vocational field. Your report is to be both informative and analytical. A formal report is a discussion of an issue, question, problem, or phenomenon you seek to investigate.

The audience will consist of people who will use your information for a specific purpose. It may be high school students who are trying to decide on a career, a visiting professor from a different country, or people who are changing careers. You must, however, make clear in your report exactly who the primary audience is and why the information will be useful.

The report will cover such aspects of the chosen career field as:
• Educational requirements
• Special skills requirements
• Employment prospects
• Advancement opportunities
• Trends
• Salary ranges
• Specific duties/responsibilities
• Gender considerations

You will need to include at least two graphics in your report. You must use a minimum of six sources, one of which must be a personal interview.

Report Format
Be sure to follow the formatting/content guidelines discussed in class. The Formal Report Checklist, attached to this assignment, should aid your formatting decisions. Please include each of the following in your Final Report:

1. Cover (report must be bound using either comb or spiral binding.)
2. Letter of transmittal
3. Title page
4. Abstract
5. Table of contents
6. List of tables and figures
7. Body of report, including no less than three levels of heading and at least two appropriate graphics
8. Works Cited page (MLA or APA)
9. Research notes--primary and secondary (photocopies, computer printouts, correspondence
notes from interviews. Papers without these will not be graded and will receive a “0.)
10. Parenthetical documentation—you must follow MLA or APA format.
11. Completed formatting checklist (attached). Papers without a complete formatting checklist will have one full graded deducted.

You may also include (although these are not required):

12. Glossary of terms
13. Index

Report Length:
The body of the report (including visuals) must be a minimum of eight typed, double-spaced pages. This total does not include supplemental front and back material. Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will receive an “F”. Use an appropriate font for the report. The body type should be at least 12 point, but headings and captions may vary.

Visuals: Each report must have at least two visuals, properly formatted with descriptive titles, appropriate table/figure designations, accurate labels, and action captions. If you use visuals created by someone else, you must give credit properly.

Research: Each report must have a minimum of six independent sources. You should use both primary and secondary sources. Try to be as broad as possible, using a balance of books, journals, interviews, and Internet. Dependence on one type of source will result in a lower grade. If you have difficulty locating sources, consult me for guidance.

Works Cited: You must use the MLA or APA documentation system accurately and carefully. Works Cited pages that are incomplete, inaccurate, or incorrectly organized will have one full grade deducted. Reports submitted without a Works Cited page will receive an “F”. Incorrect in-text citations will have two grades deducted.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers jobs and job outlook. (2008). Career Planner. [Online]. Available:

Chef salary. (2007). Job Employment Guide. [Online]. Available:

Food processing occupations jobs and job outlook. (2008). Career Planner. [Online]. Available:

Job description for chefs and head cooks. (2008). Career Planner. [Online]. Available:

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Turner, M. (1993, November). Hottest careers for blacks. Ebony, 49(1), 88-89.

Von Der Heydt, B. (1997). A job tree grows in Brooklyn. Policy Review, 81, 16-17.

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