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Title: Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness

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Essay Instructions: Essay Topic: (Discuss one of the following topics in a brief essay)

1. Is there something morally objectionable to thinking about what have been called “mental disorders” as conditions requiring something analogous to medical intervention?

2. Many of those who experience alleged mental disorders would not agree that they are “worse-off” in their condition than otherwise. For example a compulsive gambler who has just won, a bipolar individual in the manic phase of the condition and an anorexic are all likely to deny it. The productive bipolar person may even value his/her manic phases even after s/he has passed out of them. Do you think Graham’s account of being worse off would be an adequate answer to objectors?

3. Joan of Arc was treated by her accusers as (pick one or more) a witch, or a heretic, or influenced by the devil because of her claim that her actions were a response to the voices of saints. We would no longer categorize her this way, of course, but could she be regarded as someone with religious delusions reinforced by auditory hallucinations? I suspect that Graham would not do so. Would you see a mental disorder in her behavior? Why, or why not?

- Please use this book as the PRIMARY SOURCE of the essay: Graham, G. (2010). The disordered mind: An introduction to philosophy of mind and mental illness. New York: Routledge. Retrieved from

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Graham, G. (2010). The disordered mind: An introduction to philosophy of mind and mental illness. New York: Routledge.

Keko, D. (2011, May 29). Joan of Arc: The Visions. Retrieved from:

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Title: I m a history class 101 history western civilization a book called THE MAKING OF THE WEST It a good idea include information book's I pages page idea First Joan Arc a national heroine France a Roman Catholic saint Second Scholasticism a method critical thought dominated teaching academics scholastics schoolmen medieval universities Europe 11001500 The Battle Agincourt a major English victory a numerically superior French army Hundred Years War Forth Bubonic plague deadly disease carried fleas rodents devastated population Europe mid 14th century Fifth Istanbul Sixth Copernicus a Renaissance astronomer person formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology displaced Earth center universe

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Essay Instructions: I'm in a history class 101 the history of western civilization and we have a book called THE MAKING OF THE WEST. It will be a good idea if you could include some of the information from the book but it's not necessary. I want six pages each page with one idea.

First about =Joan of Arc= (is a national heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint)

Second about =Scholasticism=( is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics (scholastics, or schoolmen) of medieval universities in Europe from about 1100?1500)

The third one is about =Battle of Agincourt= (was a major English victory against a numerically superior French army in the Hundred Years' War)

Forth one is about =Bubonic plague= (deadly disease carried by fleas on rodents that devastated the population of Europe in the mid-14th century)

Fifth one is about =Istanbul=

Sixth one is about =Copernicus=(was a Renaissance astronomer and the first person to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology which displaced the Earth from the center of the universe.[)

So as my professor said between the quotation

" It's very straightforward. Tell me who or what each item is. when it
was. and why it is significant. that's all! "

So I want the organization of each paper to contain the title of one idea with two paragraphs first introduction ( Tell me who or what each item is. when it was) and then the second paragraph (why it is significant. that's all) . I hope that you use simple vocabularies as much as you could.

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Title: Final Assignment International Cinema after 1960

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Essay Instructions: International Cinema after 1960 ??" Final Assignment

Please answer three (3) of the following questions. Your answers should be in the form of typed, well-written, correctly-spelled essays??"a separate essay for each question answered. The total number of pages for all three of your essays should be eight (8) pages. Don’t write six pages on one question and one each on the other two??"you will be graded accordingly.

1. One hallmark of post-1960 cinema internationally was the deliberate referencing of other films and film styles within a film’s narrative??"for example, Jean-Luc Godard included images from Carl Th. Dreyer’s THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC in MY LIFE TO LIVE(by Jean-Luc Godard), or different genres as in SHOLAY(by Ramesh Sippy). Using at least three films we have seen this semester, discuss the ways their directors make reference to other films, historical film styles, or to the cinema itself. Make sure that you discuss the importance of these references to each film’s narrative. You may also cite examples in which the films reference other artistic media, for example, theater in LAW OF DESIRE (film by Pedro Almodovar).

2. Many of the films screened for this course explore and/or embrace the new technologies available to the filmmakers. Discuss three of the films, and the role that new technology plays on both a formal level (for example the use of video in Lars von Trier’s THE KINGDOM, and thematic concerns (the different implications of image reproduction in Abbas Kiarostami’s THE WIND WILL CARRY US). Another film as example can be the use of animation technology as WALTZ WITH BASHIR (2008, Ari Folman).

3. ) Much of the most challenging cinema produced post-1960 can be seen to be addressing some notion of “modernism” within the cinema. Discuss the idea of cinematic modernism with regards to at least three films you have seen this semester??"one of which must be a film from a non-European country. Make sure to list those elements and practices that for you help define cinematic modernism. Three films that can be used for this are: Lars Von Trier's The Kingdom, Sholay (1975 by Ramesh Sippy) and Law of Desire (1989 by Pedro Almodovar).

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