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Title: western Civilization

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Essay Instructions: Italy and Germany were unified under the close supervision of individual statesmen.What were the general strategies of Cavour and Bismarck in the unification process? Which country had more potential for European leadership after unification and why?

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Essay Instructions: The assignment is to write a newscast whereby you explain, by citing key ideas for the collected and attached articles, of the major events taking place in Italy today. (for format...follow a typical news cast)


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Title: Italy-U.S. Relationship The relationship between

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Essay Instructions: Topic 1 is the country?s relationship with the United States. It is needed to research this relationship throughout the twentieth century and not just concentrate on what it is today, although it is also needed to be somewhat familiar with that (see below).

For Topics 2 and 3, first survey the country during the twentieth century and then choose two historical topics that you think are the most important to know to better understand that country. Examples might be wars or revolutions, independence movements, economic ups and downs, significant leaders, social upheavals or changes.
Please note that these are only a few suggestions; do not let them restrict you and instead use your own judgment as you look at this specific country.

As Topic 4, identify, define, and discuss what you have determined to be the greatest success that this country has experienced in the twentieth century. In choosing here, think of what would make its citizens especially proud to call this their homeland. The last one, Topic 5, what is believed to be the greatest problem facing this country today. Put this topic in its proper historical perspective by discussing how it came about and why it has not been resolved. This fifth topic is perhaps the most important of your entire research, because it will serve as the springboard for a United Nations debate.
This is somewhat different from a standard research paper. You should consider it to be a ?talking paper? that you are submitting to a United Nations subcommittee, which is going to debate the fate of your country. Thus, the paper needs to include all five of the assigned topics so that readers will understand some of the important historical events that have transpired in this country during the century, what the relationship has been with the U.S., and the problems and promises that this country has experienced. The conclusion to the paper should be a strong argument for those who read it to want to help solve your topic 5 (the country?s greatest problem today).
Despite this different ?audience,? it is expected that it will include footnotes (or endnotes) and a bibliography of your sources. All Internet sources must be fully cited, and not just include a clickable URL. Your paper should also conform to standards of good English grammar and organization. Be sure to include an introduction to help guide readers through the discussion. It is expected, but not mandated, that papers will run from 5 to 7 double-spaced typewritten pages in length (no larger than 12-point type font please); it must be submitted as a Word document.

This is some of what I wrote for my first topic. Maybe this will help in some of the research I did.

"Italy is a very interesting country. I chose Italy because of what I read in the small description that was provided. I found it interesting that Italy is a poor country because it lacks natural resources and does not have very much farmland. In this day I have a hard time believing that a country still has a hard time keeping up with the times, such as technology and economics. I want to research why and how this country continues to be very slow in making avenues to increase their economy.
I learned on this particular website that ?Italy?s activity with the United Nations is three objectives: close attention to the defense of national interests; consolidation of the role of the European Union as a protagonist of international policy; and promotion of the greater interests of the international community in questions concerning peace and security, economic development and the protection of human rights? ( This site also says that Italy has provided new ideas to help their country improve with greater efficacy and consistency.
Therefore, I look forward to my first journey in the country of Italy. I will find many new facts to help me better understand why this beautiful country has remained poor but yet so well traveled my many people around the world."

Once you have written the paper I would like to know what are the topics that were chosen. Instructions above gives specifics on what to write about.

Here are some website that I submitted to my professor.

Please let me know if you should need anything else.

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Title: Italy

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Essay Instructions: Write a 5-7 page research paper about the advantages that culinary students who travel abroad will have upon returning stateside, particularly those who travel to Italy and have internships or work experience in Italian kitchens. What are some of the things you need in order to prepare for an internship abroad? What kind of paperwork does it take? What are some of the steps that help get you there? What are some good programs to start with? Be specific.

Do not cite wikipedia or any encyclopedia.

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