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Title: Justifying Islamophobia

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: is islamophobia justified

dedicate 2 or one pages for research outline

please try to be as neutral as possible. demonstrate arguments by both sides, and don't be biased at all.

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Works Cited:


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Title: The History of Muslims in Europe and in the US

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Please write a research paper to discuss "Islamophobia" in both the United States and Europe by describing the major differences and similarities in the history of Muslims in the US and Europe.

You should announce your main point (thesis statement/argument) at the end of your introduction i.e. /in the first half of the first page/, and adequately support your thesis by beginning the subsequent paragraphs with topic sentences that directly support your thesis. Clarity and coherence are two important qualities for the reserach paper that I've ordered.

In addition, please write the paper in 12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman font.

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Title: Anti Arab Racism

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  • Words: 3088
  • Sources:5
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: This is a Literature Review:

The main question you shall be addressing is:

Has post 9/11 been a significant factor in promoting popular consent for the erosion of civil liberaties for all Americans? Has islamophobia provoked people to give up their civil liberities through the reinvigoration of Anti-Arab racism?

In the essay that I will be sending you focus on these arguements.
The three part agruement:
1. Anti-Arab racism has a long history and disinctive form in American culture.
2. The attacks of 9/11 exacerbated (possibly changed in some ways?) that racism.
3. This reinvigorated anti-Arab racism wass in turn an important element in gaining popular consent for the erosion of civil liberites that has followed.

Identify following possible answers into 3 literature groups.

At the end of the Literature review, describe how you place yourself.

After reading the review, the reader should have more questions. What is my contribution going to be?

There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:


El-Amine, Rami (2006) Anti-Arab Racism, Islamophobia, and the Anti-War Movement. Left Turn Magazine. 1 Oct. 2006.

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Anti-Arab Racism

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