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Title: Islamic Art

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Essay Instructions: Choose two objects from the ‘Collection Highlights’ pages of the Islamic Art collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

One object must be calligraphic, and the other must be pictorial. Write a summary in about 500 words, of why are these objects considered objects of Islamic art.

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Essay Instructions: The birth of Islam in the 7th century had a profound effect on the medieval world. Indeed, the art and architecture of medieval Europe was strongly influenced by Islamic art and architecture. Write an essay analyzing Islamic influence on the medieval world providing specific examples of art and architecture to support your thesis. Where and when did the western medieval world interact with the Muslim world? What were the circumstances of this interaction?

In your essay, you might consider works from the Kingdom of Asturias in northwest Spain, as well as Mozarabic art and architecture. Other works from the Romanesque period also show Islamic influence.

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Title: Analysis and Context of Saudi Street Art

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The research paper is about explaining the social and political functions of street art in Saudi Arabia through a critique of Islamic art in Saudi as well and in other Islamic nations.
case study should be about this artist

Talk about the history of Saudi and Wahhabism in Saudi.. compare that to sufisim in Islam
and bring in Sufisim Islamic art to the mix or ideological findings

then bring in the idea that religion is inseparable from culture in Saudi Arabia and that there is always and will always be an underlying Islamic concept, idea or ideology behind the street art because of the language and that the Qur'an was written in Arabic .. the functions of the language in Islam since most street art is Arabic written..

explain the progression from islamic art to the case study and street art revolving around culture and social culture

Street art in Saudi Arabia functions in a social context by leading with the intention of sharing responses and opinions about life in Saudi with other Saudis. Most of the artwork in Saudi whether intended t be a form of Islamic art or just saturated with Islamic context due the background of the artist in question, enriches, informs, and questions our the social and cultural framework of society. Saudi street art, such one in my case study evidently, has a powerful trans-formative and restorative effect within society on a micro level and the globe on a macro level as well .

please provide pictures because the paper is going to be online blog

These are VERY important links please use them as sources:



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Title: Please log iLearn https ilearn sfsu view php id 2336 Username 912116899 password tonyhan10 The assignment instruction week 11 Please note readings week read cite paper Let problems logging iLearn Your assignment open ended essay aspect Indian culture

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Essay Instructions: Please log on iLearn:
password: tonyhan10

The assignment instruction is under week 11.
Please note that there might be some readings under each week that you need to read or cite for the paper.

Let me know if you have any problems logging in iLearn!

Your second assignment will be an open-ended essay on an aspect of Indian culture. You could write about art and architecture, cinema, cuisine, dance and music, yoga. Below I have posted some specific question prompts and I recommend you talk to me and decide on your sources before getting started. We will cover all the relevant portions before your assignment is due.

The papers are due on NOVEMBER 17TH and submit a hardcopy.

Papers need to be around 4 pages and should include a list of works (books, articles, online sources, videos, films or anything else you might have used) you have consulted.

1. You may write on one of the films:
Asoka (2001) (on the life of King Asoka):

Mughal e Azam (1960) (on a fictional conflict between Akbar and his son Jahangir):

Utsav (1984) (based on a 4th century play by Shudraka):

The Story of India (PBS documentary we have watched in the class) You need to watch it again, especially the first 4 episodes and use that to write about what you learn about India from it.

You can find these films in most bay area public libraries and all of them on Netflix.

2. You may write on:
Hindu temple architecture and practices of worship
Buddhist Art
Islamic Art and Taj Mahal

I will post some web resources for each of these themes tonight. (SEE BELOW)

3. Indian traditions of dance, music or yoga. You could pick any one and write

4. Indian cuisine. You could visit any South Asian restaurant, and write about the food. It shouldn't be simply a restaurant review. You should talk to the chefs and read a little about Indian cuisine.

UPDATE: 5. Museum visit. You may visit the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and write on this exhibition:

The second exhibition will start on November 11th and the details are here:

The idea here is you will write about something other than written texts and so there are no fixed rules as to how one should write it. You need to clarify what you find interesting about the topic of your choice and what you have learned about it.

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