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Title: Cutting off aid to terrorists

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Essay Instructions: As the crisis in Iraq continues to grow, many scholars have begun discussing how the U.S. can best assist the Iraqi government in bringing ISIS militants under control. Please read one approach in a RAND research article at the link below. In your response, summarize the authors' article and then discuss whether you support or oppose their approach and why. If you support their approach, provide a description of how you would attack ISIS financing and demilitarize the group. If you oppose, provide a description of what you think would best counter the ISIS offensive. If you support, but think there should be combined approaches to defeating ISIS, explain your comprehensive approach in detail. ? Your response should be 500-600 words in length. STRAIGHT CUT AND PASTE FROM A WEBSITE WILL BE TREATED AS AN HONOR CODE VIOLATIONWIKIPEDIA AND OTHER NON-ATTRIBUTABLE WEBSITES ARE NOT APPROPRIATE SOURCES FOR ACADEMIC WORK ? DO NOT USE THEM IN THIS COURSE.

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Title: Egyptian Art

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Essay Instructions: I have to do a paper for my history class and since I am obessed with Egyptain Art, I would like to do it on the piece I saw when I visited The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. The art piece is called, "Isis Nursing Horus" and the descrition on the plaque said," Egyptian, Late Period, 26th dynasty, 664-525 B.C. For the ancient Egyptains, the goddess Isis was the model of the loyal wife and mother, as well as a clever and resourceful magician. She is the wife of the god Osiris and the mother of Horus. She was also the mythical first queen of Egypt. Just as the king of Egypt was associated with Horus in life and Osiris in death, queens of Egypt were linked with Isis, and their visual representations have similarities with the goddess. For example, both may be depicted wearing the vulture headdress shown here. Bronze 54-416, acquired by Henry Walters"

Guidelines: The paper should be 2-3 double spaced; undeline the thesis statement; any outside primary or secondary sources must be cited; you may use first person voice in this paper.
Answer the following questions:
1) what is its official name?
2) describe it in detail using your own words; speculate on its function or purpose; what should a viewer be expected to feel when near the piece; is the artist's name noted (why or why not);
3) what are some of the characteristics of the culture that created it; how does the object represent these characteristics
4) how has the gallery chosen to display the object; what does the museum hope to teach us by displaying the object the way it does; what does it tell us about our own world

If you have any questions, be don't hesitate to e-mail me. Thank you so much for your help.

Armmia Jamison

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Title: women from Ramayana and Osiris Isis and Horus

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Essay Instructions: Choose two women from The Ramayana and one woman from Osiris,Isis and Horus. Discuss the role of each in the story and how their roles relate to the social order in Egypt and India according to our text book. World History in Brief (major patternms of change and continuity) 5th edition

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Title: To Publish or Not

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Essay Instructions: This is a 900 word opinion article based on the ethical dilemma publishing pictures from the point of view of a journalist and executive at a major news organization. 1- Picture of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard and 2- Picture of Journalist James Foley. These are by far debateable.

Having read the reasons why AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll made the final decision to post the picture in the case, ?Worth A Thousand Words? from this site:

I would do the same thing. I agree with Carroll in posting the picture?.it?s a truthful representation of war and its newsworthy. It?s a choice journalists have to make and it?s part of our duty. The same for publishing the behdeading of James Foley. ISIS posted video and photos of the beheading. The public has a right to know the lengths ISIS would go.

The dilemma is out of respect for the family and US military vs our obligation as journalist in sharing and distributing news. There?s debate on whether the media should even show small parts of the beheading.

There is news value in sharing pictures like this. News organizations have been doing this for years. It?s not to say that they do not have a conscience, but our job is to report the news no matter how graphic in detail. There?s no ?right? answer and there?s no easy way to cover stories like this. These things happened, so it?s our job to document it and tell the story, respectfully. Some news organizations are more conservative that others and opted not to show such graphic detail, does this reflect it?s audience?s point of view? Other news organizations will publish it. Is it my job to censor reality? This is my position.

This is strictly an opinion article about the 2 examples above and my stance on why news organizations have the obligation to publish such pics this as news. To be a journalist you have to make choices.
Do not quote from other sources, thank you.

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