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Title: Ishmael

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Essay Instructions: I would like HopHead to work on this. The book is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and a reference for more information is on and another site is I need 2 things in my paper.

1) Write a letter of approximately 1000 words to Ishmael. (To do so, you will have to assume that a gorilla can read.) Describe your reactions to his story of how humanity should live. What questions would you ask Ishmael, if he were available to answer?

2) What do you see as the important differences between “taking” and “leaving” cultures? Give examples of each kind of culture. In your personal life, would you describe yourself as a “taker,” or a ”leaver”?

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Title: america the multinational society ishmael reed

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Essay Instructions: i will send some materials by fax
please summarize america: the multinational society
Ishmael Reed
3 pargraph
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: envirnment and people

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Essay Instructions: here is the required book report details:

Book Report Assignment

"Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn is a book you must really read. By that I mean you cannot skim it, or just read a few chapters or the beginning and ending of chapters, or take any other shortcut. To understand what it contains and its significance, you must read it carefully and in its entirety. That?s the only way you?ll ?get it?. And that?s the only way you?ll be able to get full credit for your report.

Take notes as you read each section of each chapter ? there are thirteen chapters. (I took 15 pages of hand-written notes.)

Here?s what I want you to do for your report:

1. Outline the main points of the Takers story. That means you must explain
- the main premises, assumptions and teachings of Mother Culture
- where Taker culture is leading humanity
- Taker culture?s effects on the planet (the natural world).

2. Outline the main points of the Leavers culture. That means you must do the same
three things as you did above, with special attention to the differences in the
approach to the natural world.

3. Describe your reactions to (a) Ishmael?s explanation of how things got this way and
(b) his ?program to save the world?.

Do not try to write great prose. Keep it lean. Just stick to providing the information I?m asking for, and Don?t embellish - just the facts. Do not bring in extraneous information. I?m fine with you using the author?s own words rather than you trying to paraphrase.

Your report must be between four and six pages in length, double-spaced, 11 point type, one inch margins all around, no cover page, stapled ? double-sided if at all possible. Put your name only on the top line of the first page.

I look forward to your reactions to this unusual book.

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Title: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

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Essay Instructions: The term paper is to be a coherent, well-organized essay of about 2,000 words on the vision of history provided by Quinn''s Ishmael. How does Quinn''s character, Ishmael, see the world''s history, why does he see it that way, and what is the relevance of this to today''s world?[Support your references to Ishmael by your reading and web-surfing elsewhere. There should be more references to websites than books, however]. Please do not put a header for Essaytown in the term paper. Rather, make it a separate page. The body of the paper should be in Times New Roman 14 point, margins of at least 1" all around, single space(2000 words totals out to 8 pages at 275 per page even though I need it to be single-spaced). Use deductive organization throughout, both overall and paragraph by paragraph. Include a Bibliography. The main website for Ishmael is and there are other links on that web site too.

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