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Title: Development of Public diplomacy and international Trade Egypts new approach to secure its interests in the Nile basin countries

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Essay Instructions: Proposed dissertation title:
Development of Public diplomacy and international Trade: Egypt’s new approach to secure its interests in the Nile basin countries

Subject area and relevance to Diplomatic Studies:

During the latest decades the usage of the waters of international rivers; those who run across and separate between two or more countries , have varied and included purposes other than navigation, i.e. irrigation, electricity generation and industrial and household usages.
Such variation in usages had led to further scarcity of potable water, let alone the conflicts and disputes over the right of each state in benefiting from the river water in non-navigational purposes. This matter had raised certain questions over the right and obligations of each riparian state, in addition to the priority of usages; whether water is used in a certain activity such as irrigation and electricity generation, and the priority of beneficiaries; i.e. whether a country like Egypt which, since ancient times, had mainly flourished thanks to the river Nile, should enjoy acquired rights due to the fact that Egypt is considered the first and top beneficent from the Nile.

In this respect, questions had been imposed on researchers in the fields of international political relations over the existence of certain approach that can peacefully solve any disputes in a manner that would ensure the minimum level of applying the principle of good neighborliness, and at the same time, preserve the legitimate rights of each riparian country.

The Research problem(s) and/or question(s):
Egypt’s approach to the Nile basin countries
What is the Egyptian approach to the Nile crisis?
Traditional approach vs. New/ Renewed approach
How many institutions are dealing with the Nile case?
Which institution (foreign affairs, intelligence) should get priority in Egypt to deal with the Nile basin countries?
How mutual cooperation could be increased?
What are the Dimensions and effects of political and economic crisis of water in the Nile Basin?

The use of trade
How can Egypt use trade and investments to its benefit?
Will mutual trade and investment bring about political engagement or not?
How could Egypt use trade and investment to its benefit?

In Public diplomacy
How do officials use the Arab spring in their advantage?
Have they experienced difficulties in using in re-branding their approach?
How effective is the Egyptian revolution to them?
What are the development of public diplomacy and its effect on the Nile Crisis?
What are the necessary changes in the practice in modern diplomacy?
The balance between security control and diplomatic solutions

Research aims:
This research aims to find out the new approach that Egypt is going to take regarding the Nile water crisis. It would also take into account the mutual cooperation that Egypt might take with African Union and the riparian Nile basin states. Last but not the least the aim of the research is how the Egyptians are going to secure the Nile water and how is it going to balance the security through the means of diplomacy.

Literature Review:
River Nile is the second longest rivers which is about 6,740 km long. The Nile water is being used in energy generation, household consumption, industrial and agricultural projects. By the Nile basin countries therefore, water plays a crucial role in diplomatic (Economic & Political) relation between the Nile basin surrounding states. This can be a cause of disagreements between the countries as in the earlier research it has been an issue that water is always distributed unevenly among the countries in the whole world. The scarcity of water can be a potential threat to the whole world along with the Nile basin states.

The long history of Egyptian civilization shows that the importance of Nile water is an integral resource for their lives. Moreover, the Nile water plays an important role on the political and economic development in Egypt as well as in the Nile basin states. Egypt has secured the enough flow of water in its territory by all means. Egypt has also defended the Nile water from any kind of hostile interruption as well as taken several initiatives to protect the controlling of water flow from any bigger power. For example, Israel had strategic interest with the Nile basin region and wanted to build up a strong relation with the Nile basin countries to exercise its power over Egypt and Sudan. It wanted to take advantage of the Nile water in order to plow its “Negev desert” as it is nearer to Nile.
Egyptian leaders have used collaborative diplomacy to prevent any kind of antagonistic approach or decisions that could have been made by the super powers in regard to protect it’s own natural interest.

The past research shows that, Egypt was not only under the threat of the bigger powers but it had a dispute with the Nile basin states such as with Ethiopia regarding the Nile water. The high dam was built between those two countries due to the use of the water of the Nile (D. Adel Abdel- Razek, May 2008, July 2009). President Anwar Sadat refused that his Country would go into war if Ethiopia had interfered in the water of Nile. However, during the period of president Mubarak the problem had been showed by the creation of (NEPAD) New Partnership for African Development. During that period President Mubarak initiated education to promote future leaders through out Africa. These steps strengthened the bond between African Union and Egypt. However, the bond with Ethiopia created a record and it helped to bring all the African countries together especially in the field of Nile water and power supply. The independence of Eritrea created a friendly atmosphere between Ethiopia and Egypt.

Moreover, Egypt solved the dispute with Sudan by raising the main weapon “Nile Water” in a peaceful manner through diplomacy. Moreover, the past research clearly indicates that the water crisis is important both politically and economically as the Nile water is involved in irrigation project, agriculture, power generation etc. To get secured from these threats the Nile basin states created dams and other structure. However, due to cooperation of Egypt with the other countries and because of several joint projects the threat of dispute has been reduced. For instance, the research showed that the joint project between Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt (Blue Nile and River Atbara) has a great potential to generate electricity for the states. (D. Adel Abdel-Razek, May 2008, July 2009)

From the research it can be said that Egypt has created a good relation among all African Nation. However, the nation is prepared to prevent the Nile water from any kind of intervention by the external territories not only for it’s own national interest but for African union as well. From the previous research by scholar D. Adel Abdel-Razek, May 2008, July 2009, indicates that water is going to be a scarce resource and soon the interest from oil might be shifted towards water.

This research paper’s main motive is to find out the new approach that Egypt is going to take in order to secure its interest in the Nile water and in the Nile basin Countries, especially after the change of regime and the uprising of the Arab nations.

Research method(s) used:
The aim and objective of this research paper’s questions need an in depth analysis which is going to be the core element of the proposal. The analysis needs to be in structural format to find out the traditional approach that Egypt took and the new approaches that they are going to take regarding the Nile water and the riparian Nile basin state. The key element of this research proposal would be to focus on “Public Diplomacy” and the approaches that Egypt is going to take to “Secure” it’s national interest on the Nile water and the Nile basin countries. Therefore,
secondary data analysis, content analysis would play a crucial role to find out an outcome of this proposal. Interviewing diplomats from Egypt would also give an extensive overview of the current scenario of Egypt’s position to secure it’s own interest along with it’s neighboring countries. Moreover, for the content analysis, articles, documents, books, internet resources would be used in it’s own area of activity.

Data Collection:
Collection of data would be conducted by questionnaire survey and the comprehensive interviews would carry out the real scenario of Egypt’s policy and objectives to secure it’s own national interest with the use of diplomacy and bilateral/multilateral trade with the other countries.

Indicative Bibliography:
Kimberly, E, Foulds, The Nile Basin Initiative: Challenges to Implementaion, June 2010

D. Adel Abdel Razek, May 2008, July 2009, Egyptian Approach To Manage The Water Crisis in the Nile Basin within the Framework of Political and International Economic Analysis.

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D O Mohamed Shawky Abdel Aal, Equitable utilization of water of International Rivers (River Nile as a special case)

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? Key to the report will be the two page (maximum) Executive Summary.
? The papers are expected to have footnotes or endnotes, bibliography and several exhibits to reinforce and explain data and conclusions in the executive summary.
? Presentation of data and information ALONE does not suffice. I would like you to synthesize them and provide your conclusions. You should address the following questions: What conclusions can you draw from the data and information? What are the trends? How do the data and information impact the company? Check out the Critical Thinking Overview and RUBRIC when writing your paper.
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? Location
? Your relationship with them
? Major distribution channels
? Current mission or vision statements, if any
? Anything else that may help the audience understand what the company does
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Note: What is the current situation of this company in relation to CRM (here, you want to define your starting point, i.e. what do customers think about your company?s ability to manage relationships with them?) Be sure to address the following questions/areas:
? How do customers perceive your company? Use interviews with customers or employees, review surveys, or any other material that may help you answer this question. You will need to present how you obtained this information. If you can, use the Loyalty Acid Test with a small sample of customers.
? How do employees perceive your company?s CRM state? Use interviews by asking the questions on the One-to-One Gap Tool. Talk to a sample of employees and find out what their customers are saying.
? What are the main customer touchpoints? What are the issues? In other words, what, how, and where could they improve ? which touchpoints? Which distribution channels? Which product offerings? [NOTE: Use a Customer Touchpoint Map to illustrate where the main interactions occur with customers
Section 3: DESIRED STATE (max. 1 page)
Note: Describe where the company needs to be in relation to CRM. Create a vision statement that describes what this company should look like in relation to its customers, in the future. See example I have posted in Filing Cabinet. Use the introductory chapters (1 ? 3) to help you figure out where this company is lacking in CRM and where it needs to go.
NOTE: The next four sections focus on the FUTURE and moving the company from where it is to where it needs to be. It boils down to your recommended CRM strategy using the IDIC framework. Here you must apply & present the information as creatively as you like, using the textbook content & examples. THIS IS THE DESIGN PHASE.
Section 4: IDENTIFICATION STRATEGY (max. 2 pages)

At minimum, be sure to address these questions/areas. You may use whatever format you would like. Be creative and professional in your presentation of information. Use of tables is an excellent way of presenting data and information for categories.
? Who are your company?s customers?
? What should the company know about them? How much customer identification does the company have? (See Step 1 on pages 90-92)
? How should they gather information about them?
? How should they recognize or tag each customer?
? How should the company get customers to identify themselves?
? What data does the company need to identify each type of customer? (Don?t forget to consider types on page 100)
? Why is identification important?
Section 5: DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY (max. 2 pages)

At minimum, be sure to address these questions.
? How can you differentiate different customers based on VALUE? (Remember exercise we did in class)- Recommend a Customer Valuation Model for your company ? See Exhibit 5.4. Why did you recommend what you did?
? How can you differentiate customers based on NEEDS? (Remember the discussion question we did) ? What are the different customer portfolios or categories?
? What type of data should the company collect for each customer category and why?
Section 6: INTERACTION STRATEGY (max. 3 pages)

At minimum, be sure to address these questions/areas:
? For each customer portfolio, what are the preferred touchpoints? (See touch point slide ? distribution channels)
? What kind of dialogue should go on with each customer portfolio at each preferred touch point? Is there implicit or explicit bargaining going on?
? How can the company create a 360o view of each customer? What would you recommend and why?
? Recommend a drip irrigation dialogue for one customer portfolio. What Golden Questions could you use?
? Create an inventory of all possible interactions by portfolio (see bottom of page 182)
? How do you recommend that complainers be handled?
? What interactivity tools (Chapter 8 & technology selection) would you recommend and why?
Section 7: CUSTOMIZATION STRATEGY (max. 3 pages)

At minimum, be sure to address these questions for one of your customer portfolios ? select the one your team feels would gain the most benefit from a customization strategy.
? How do you recommend that the company personalize its interactions with your selected portfolio for each distribution channel/touchpoint? Be very specific.
? What type of customizations make sense and why? (see page 258) ? take a look at examples on page 262
Section 8: RECOMMENDED CRM INFRASTRUCTURE (max. 3-4 pages)

Using the material covered from Weeks 9 through 13, describe your plan for building and mnaging your IDIC design. This includes an explanation of the CRM metrics, technology and any other marketing changes your company would need to make in order to effectively implement your new IDIC design.

Section 9: LESSONS LEARNED (max. 1-2 pages)
? Think about what you learned in this course. Identify and describe at least four connections that your team sees between the course material and your experiences in the real business world.
? What did your team most like or dislike about this project and why?
? What did your team learn, collectively, in this course, besides the material covered. In other words, how did this project enhance your knowledge of customers?
? How will you apply this new knowledge in your job or student experiences?
? Describe your team?s approach for preparing this project. Do you feel your approach worked? Why or why not? What would you do differently if you had a chance to do it over?

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