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Title: the role of women in shaw's mrs warren's profession

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Essay Instructions: ireland was ahead of the USA in women''s rights. women held office, voted etc long before american women. trace the role of women in shaw''s "mrs warren''s profession", using the 2 main characters. there must be footnotes. master''s level, FULL 9 pages

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Title: Modern Ireland Was Fenianism a threat British rule Ireland 1860's 1870's Please analyze make argument

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Essay Instructions: Modern Ireland-
Was Fenianism ever really a serious threat to British rule in Ireland in the 1860's and 1870's? Please analyze and make an argument.

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Title: Ireland the social cultural economic legal and political environments

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Essay Instructions: SECTION 1

This section is on the social and cultural environments of the country Ireland. This should describe the demographics of Ireland and its people and discuss the cultural indicators of those people. In developing this section you may want to use a particular product or service that is being marketed in the country and discuss those cultural variables that may have to be taken into consideration when marketing those products. Also, discuss the cultural differences an American may encounter when visiting as a salesperson or on extended assignment and prepare a trip plan for a business person to visit Ireland at the end of this semester.

This section is on the financial and economic environment of Ireland. Assess the economic conditions of the country. You can obtain information(for the last five year period) from the International Financial Statistics (Reference) my professor stated. The financial environment report of Ireland should examine fluctuations (and the reasons for them) and foreign exchange controls. Illustrate both in a tabular form and graphical form, the prices of the target currency ($ per unit of foreign currency) over time. Also, show year-by-year changes in the price of your target currency in the table. In most cases, you can obtain this information from sources like the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank.
In addition, you should look at the quality of life variables (phones, TV's, automobiles, education rates, etc.) and compare them with that of the US or some other reference country. To obtain more recent information, it is advisable to look at the Wall Street Journal Index to find relevant economic information on Ireland.

Suggested Guidelines provided by my professor : If possible, find the following information on Ireland for the last five years by consulting the International Financial Statistics.

Interest Rates, Total (Hard Currency) Reserves, Consumer Price Index, Total Merchandise Exports/Imports, GDP, Income Inflow/Outflow, Population, Foreign Direct Investment, & Exchange Rate.

Comment on the Economic Health of Ireland, for example:
- What is the size of the economy in Ireland? GDP Measure of Size
- What portion of the GDP is comprised of Agriculture, Industry, and Service?
- How well off are Ireland's people? - Look at quality of life indicators and consumption indicators.
- Examine each one, the above mentioned calculations and look at the trend of the past five years.
- Do you think Ireland is making progress or not? Real and Nominal GDP/Capita growth Rate

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Title: Ireland future issue and suggestions

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Essay Instructions: The basic question is this – How should Ireland as a country deal with the following four issues throughout the next 2-3 years… will NOT be able to suggest how these issues should be solved…..rather you are suggesting how the country of Ireland can best navigate the issues that it will undoubtedly face as it progresses through these difficult financial times

As you format your submission, be sure to use subheadings for each issue….in other words be sure to identify “Issue I”, “Issue II”, etc….remember it is to be 3 pages long, double spaced, with sized 12 font, etc…..use Chicago style and add the endnotes and the reference page to the end of your submission

the issues are:

(1)-Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) – Your primary issue may focus on the decrease in FDI, or perhaps the Shift in FDI….You may also want to discuss the increase in International Competition for FDI as the Economies of various nations are impacted by the Global Financial Crisis.

(2)-Unemployment – Your primary issue may focus on the increase in unemployment … for both domestic workers and those from other nations that have immigrated to Ireland over the last decade or more. You may also want to discuss the phenomenon of the increase is youth unemployment, and how this will affect the youth of Ireland, given their history and current situation. In addition, you may want to include a discussion of immigration, emigration and standard of living as these are all impacted by employment issues. Finally, it was discussed that the education levels of workers is relevant.

(3) Monetary Issues / Monetary Policy – Your primary issue may focus on the Deficit, both domestically and the International Financial Crisis, how that deficit impact government policies to include, but not be limited to housing, social services, etc. In addition, the issue of monetary policy may include discussion of international competitiveness, as well as the impact of the Treaty and current trade issues, including the issues Ireland is facing as a member of the EU. Finally you may discuss Currency issues within the topic of monetary issues and policy, again, both with regard to domestic issues and internationally, as Ireland now shares currency.

(4)Sustainable Development – Your primary issue may focus on the environment, or the tourism industry in Ireland. It also may include a discussion of natural resources such as Oil. In addition, you may want to discuss what the future holds with regard to the investments that Ireland makes now, with its industries and population

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