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Title: iran contra affair

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Essay Instructions: The paper needs to be three full pages of text, typewritten, double-spaced, with standard margins (one inch from sides, one inch from top, one inch from bottom) and 12-point type. You will need a separate title page (therefore, title won’t be at the top of the first page of text), followed by the actual paper, followed by end notes, followed by a bibliography. format must be in Turabian form

below are approved sources i can use. i need to discuss who is oliver north, why and what the "affair" why was the iran contra affair such a big deal. what effects it may still have on history today. how did oliver north emerge from this as a celebrity, why didnt others like john poindexter.

Under Fire “ An American Story”
Oliver L. North with William Novak

Firewall The Iran Contra Conspiracy and cover up
Lawrence E. Walsh

The Iran-Contra Scandal
Christine Petersen

The National Security Archives


Federation of American Scientists

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Excerpt From Essay:

National Security Archive. "The Iran-Contra Affair 20 Years on." 24 Nov 2006. Available online Accessed 22 April 2010.

"United States v. Oliver L. North." Chapter 2. FAS. Available online Accessed 22 April 2010.

"The Oliver North File: His Diaries, E-Mail, and Memos on the Kerry Report, Contras and Drugs." National Security Archive. 26 February 2004. Available online Accessed 22 April 2010.

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Title: Write a 750 1 000 word persuasive letter Ronald Reagan Presidential Library http www reaganfoundation org arguing Ronald Reagan considered a great president Your letter include abundance historical evidence support position

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Essay Instructions: Write a 750-1,000 word persuasive letter to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library ( arguing whether or not Ronald Reagan should be considered a ?great? president. Your letter should include an abundance of historical evidence to support your position.

Incorporate at least 2 primary sources into your letter. Primary sources can be found through the University Library and the Archives of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library located at

Incorporate at least 2 secondary sources into your letter that address some of the following topics:
? Economic Policies (Reaganomics)
? Principles of the New Right
? Iran Contra Affair
? Ending the Cold War
? The attempted assassination
? Release of American hostages from Iran

Format your letter using the APA Guidelines for all 4 sources; in text citations and a reference page are required.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bruce, D. (2005). Interpreting the body count: South African statistics on lethal police violence. South African Review of Sociology, 36(2), 141-59.

Bush, R. (1985). Reagan and state terrorism in Southern Africa. Crime and Social Justice, 0 (24), i-x.

Reagan, R.W. (1986, Sep. 26). Message to the House of Representatives returning without approval a Bill concerning apartheid in South Africa. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Accessed 6 Feb. 2014 at

Reagan, R.W. (1987, Jun. 12). Remarks on East-West relations at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin. Accessed 6 Feb. 2014 at

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