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Title: Iran Intelligence

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Essay Instructions: Iran?s intelligence collection capabilities against (1) US forces in Iraq and (2) the nation of Israel. What are the Iranian's strengths and weaknesses? How effective do you think Iranian intelligence services could support Iranian military/paramilitary/terrorist attacks against (1) US forces in Iraq and (2) Israel forces should hostilities break-out?

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Title: Iran Contra

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Essay Instructions: IRAN CONTRA

What was the Iran Contra affair? Prepare a 300-word document explaining the Iran Contra affair and who the main players were during the hearing.

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Title: Iran Iraq War

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Essay Instructions: Iran After the War

The topic for this Research paper is The effects of Iraq and Iran war ON IRAN..In another words what happened to Iran and what were the changes after the War..
I need a very professional , Credible Source ( this could be from periodicals, or on-line source) on this topic .
after finding that Source , I need a page of Summery on the topic. I want the summery to have Quotations from the original source. and also a paragraph offering a formal definition of the key terms in the source.

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Essay Instructions: Iran today is still a country where Islamic fundamentalism dominates and one which is governed by an undemocratic regime that routinely limits people’s rights and civil liberties. Iran also represents a potential nuclear threat, and the U.S. is concerned that in the coming years, Iran may develop nuclear weapons. There is growing popular resistance in Iran to the regime as well as growing nationalism; some Iranians would like a more democratic system and a change to their status quo, while others are content with the current system. The US has had economic sanctions against Iran since the 1979 revolution, but it recently tightened these sanctions due to fear of Iran’s growing nuclear program. It is very possible that in the next few years, the U.S. government will consider intervening more substantially in Iran, because of the nuclear threat, because we wish to change their regime and make them more democratic, or for some other reason.
Write an essay that answers the following question: When we consider what future U.S. foreign policy should be towards the Iran and the Arab world, what are the most important historical lessons that should guide our decisions?
In your essay make sure to consider the history of U.S. intervention in Iran and possibly other countries during the Cold War ??" consider the reasons for our intervention in the past, the way in which we intervened, and the consequences of our actions.
Consider what lessons we can learn from U.S. intervention in other countries during the course of the 20th c., and discuss at least two of the following other examples at some point in your essay:
· First World War and the Versailles Treaty
· The Chinese Revolution
· Germany after the Second World War
· The Soviet Bloc and the fall of Communism
· The overall history of interaction between the West and the East that we have studied in this course ??" think about the legacy of Western imperialism, for example

Approximately 5 paragraphs, including an introduction that ends with a thesis, and a conclusion

The following is what I would like:

rst body paragraph:
Reflect from the Chinese communist revolution, US should maintain, promote democracy in the middle east; Use the same containment during the cold war(the
Soviet Bolc) But instead of targeting at the communist, this time it should be the terrorist, the extreme and the fundamentalist

Second Body Paragraph:
US after WWII helped Japan economically;US should also help the economic of poorer nations in the middle east, also increase education,
foreign aid and nation building. This would decrease the number of the fundamentalist and the extreme
Third Body Paragraph:
Something like the modern Afghanistan war and the bush doctrine. It is failure and not effective (for example, once the us army
leave Afghanistan the new government would disappear and Taliban would be in control again)
And conclusion

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