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Title: Literature Invisible Man Ellison

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Essay Instructions: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

The question to be answered states:
"In the novel, Ellison''s narrator remains "unnamed," or at least he never acknowledges the names he has been given, first by his parents and later by The Brotherhood. Why is this significant? How might this novel be about ''learning to wear a name?'' How can a name act as a "mask," and "shield," and a "container?"

*Needs to be in MLA format... one reference must be the novel itself
*Definately incorporate quotes from the novel

The teacher also gave us this quote to work with:
In his essay ?Hidden Name and Complex Fate,? Ellison writes:
For it is through our names that we first place ourselves in the world. [?] For many of us, this is far from easy. We must learn to wear our names within all the noise and confusion of the environment in which we find ourselves, make them the center of all of our associations with the world, with man and with nature. We must charge them with all our emotions, our hopes, hates, loves, aspirations. They must become out masks and our shields and the containers of all those values and traditions which we learn and/or imagine as being the meaning of our familial past. (192)

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Title: Invisible Man

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Essay Instructions: I would like to use Writer?s Username: ls1807

Instructor's instructions: Be sure to support your ideas with evidence from the text. Be very specific about why the reader should accept your ideas, use the text to persuade the reader to accept your views.

"Invisible Man's Strategy for Success"

The Invisible Man, at least in the early part of the book, accepts traditional notions of success and traditional ways of achieving that success. But his experiences cause a reevaluation of his values.

What were the Invisible Man's concept of success and strategy for success? What measures did Invisible Man take to become successful, and how do they reflect his values? Did Invisible Man strategy for success change over time? If so, how and why? If his strategy changed, did this reflect a change in his concept of success? Explain. Was Invisible Man a success? Why or why not?
In answering these questions, you may wish to compare Invisible Man to other characaters in the book. You probably will not find a single other person who can be compared to him in all aspects, so you will need to compare him to a composite of a number of other people.

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Title: Invisible Man

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Essay Instructions: I need a term paper on Invisible Man, completely original not plagiarized because it will be caught 100%. The term paper could be anything like: analysis of the dreams, analysis of the names of the characters and what they mean, and the use of jazz and folklore in the book. these would be preferred. thank you if any question please contact me .

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Title: Ralph Ellison

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Essay Instructions: I need a two page paper from the story "From Invisible Man" by Ellison. She wants a "critical point" or certain "theme" brought out from the story and then go on to "prove it" using excerpts (quotations) from the story...ex. what you think the metaphors mean and how they apply to the story content and how it proves your point....she is adament that she doesnt want a "book report", but more or less a theme brought out and then proven through the story content...she also says.."Make believe I picked up this book in the store and read the outside cover before buying it"
She wants "Works Cited" at the is: The Norton Anthology of American Literature; Shorter Sixth Edition;Nina Baym,General Editor

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