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Title: Investment Strategy Project

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Essay Instructions: Investment Strategy Project

The aim of this project is for each student to discuss and develop investment strategies for one of three individuals. The individuals are at different stages of their life, they have varying resources and a range of goals. The idea is to put into practical use some of the investment ideas and tools that we have been studying. The purpose is to show that you can use and apply what you have learnt. The emphasis is on putting theory into practice. Where limitations of the theory have been identified, we need to think about how these can be overcome.

The main report should be 20 - 30 typewritten A4 pages (double spaced and use a 12 point font please) or about 5,500 words for the main contexts (excluding the Front Pages and end References).

All chapters should have an executive summary of the main points, plus an appropriate index and end References List plus an executive summary for the whole project.

Chap 1: Make the selections and provide background information (1-2 A4 pages)
Chap 2: Calculate the future values and assess risk (2-5 A4 pages)
Chap 3: Make the asset allocation (3-6 A4 pages)
Chap 4: Chose investment strategy and benchmarks (3-6 A4 pages)
Chap 5: Pick Specific Securities (3-6 A4 pages)

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Title: Investment expenditures

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Essay Instructions: Investment expenditures are the most volatile segment of aggregate expenditures . I want you to research a particular industry to find out what factors are most likely to inflence investment decisions for that industry.
Also interview a local business manager or owner about their decision to add capital equipment . Make a list of the factors that they consider when making their decisions. Are they similar to the reasons given in the class?How were they different?
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Title: INVESTMENT PROJECT (OVERVIEW): As part, analyze performance

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As part of this course, you have to analyze the performance and potential of an industry of BEVERAGE
Assignment: You have to analyze beverage industry and two companies coca cola,(KO) and monster(MNST) in it. Assess the industry performance over the last five years and assess its expected future performance over the next one, three, and five years. Recommend whether to buy and/or sell the stocks that you analyze, and provide a detailed analysis of those companies.
Industry Definition: For purposes of this analysis, pick an industry covered by Value Line.
Data: The company data can be found at You can use any source of your choice as long as the data is accurate.

1. Industry Analysis (1 ? 2 pages)
a. How is the industry expected to perform?
b. Discuss what type of business cycle the U.S. is in and how this impacts your industry and companies.
c. Discuss the competitive forces affecting the industry.
2. Company Analysis (3 ? 6 pages)
a. How do the companies make money?
b. What type of competitive strategy does each company use?
c. Discuss the competitive forces affecting the companies.
d. What are your expectations for future growth (or lack thereof)?
e. Discuss the business and financial risk using the measures from Chapter 10.
f. How are the companies expected to perform?
g. Common size financial statements with ratio analysis
3. Company Valuation Analysis (2 ? 4 pages)
a. Calculate the stock price with two different methods. You should have a range of stock prices that you think is appropriate.
b. Calculate the growth rate with two different methods.
c. The dividend discount model, as one example, uses the required return on equity. Calculate this using the CAPM.
d. Use two different risk free rate methods.
e. Estimate valuation measures for the next 5 years.
f. Explain your reasoning for picking all measures.
g. Only put smaller tables and graphs in the paper itself and attach all other work at the end of the paper as an appendix.

Additional Types of Issues to Consider (You can add any other issues else that you think are relevant):
1. How well has this industry performed recently, by itself and relative to the market?
2. What are the projected earnings for this industry, by itself and relative to the market?
3. How do tax benefits affect this industry?
4. How do changes in the value of the dollar relative to other currencies affect this industry?
5. What kind of government pressures exist for this industry?
6. What is the outlook for new products?
7. Are there any widely discussed takeover candidates?
8. Is the industry becoming more or less competitive?
9. How do business cycles affect this industry?
10. How do the price/earnings ratios look for this industry, relative to the past and the market?

A systematic, professional approach and appearance is expected. Among other things, this means Microsoft Excel-generated reports, graphs, and tables. Original thinking and insights will be valued.

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Title: Personal and Organizational Ethics Investment in South Africa

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Essay Instructions: Investment in South Africa Paper

In five pages, using sound construction and supporting your work, construct an essay in which you answer the following questions after reading Case Study #4: A South African Investment: (attached as separate file)

* In your judgment, were the possible utilitarian benefits of building the Caltex plant in 1977 more important than the possible violations of moral rights and of justice that may be involved? Justify your answer fully by identifying the possible benefits and the possible violations of rights and justice that you believe may be associated with the building of the plant, and explaining which you think are more important.
* If you were a stockholder in Texaco or Standard Oil (now named Chevron), how do you believe you ought to vote on the three kinds of stockholder's resolutions that were proposed (the first asking Caltex to terminate its operations, the second asking Caltex not to sell to the military or police of South Africa, and the third asking Caltex to implement the Tutu principles)? Justify each of your answers fully.
* What kind of responses should the managers of Texaco and SoCal have made to each of the three resolutions? Justify your answer fully.
* In your judgment, does the management of a company have any responsibilities (i.e., duties) beyond ensuring a high return for its stockholders? Should the management of a company look primarily to the law and to the rate of return on its investment as the ultimate criteria for deciding what investments it should make? Why or why not?

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