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Instructions for Inventory Management College Essay Examples

Title: inventory management

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Essay Instructions: Following are the specific directions for paper from teacher;

The specific directions for format appear below, but I'd like to offer this guidance related to my expectations for the topic of the essay/term paper:
This course relates to the management of current operations (think the working capital accounts), so your selection of a topic should relate with a concept that we talk about in class, like AR, AP, and inventory management, cash forecasting, or short term financing concepts. The paper may also relate to the topics of controllership and cash and management in a corporate (public or private) organization.
Your paper should not simply be a review of the topic; we’ve already learned most of the definitions and explanations. You should take a critical look at an issue related to the real-world application or management of one of these areas. Your paper may be a case study that looks at how a company solved idle cash issues, and when presenting the case provide some comparisons to other companies, or analysis of the appropriateness of the solution based on the theories we covered.
You may want to try to apply something we learned to an organization and present how introducing the short-term financial concept would impact the company performance.

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Title: inventory management

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper about the recent developments in inventory management.
Use at least 2 scholarly articles to support paper.

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Title: Inventory Management

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Essay Instructions: Using online resources, locate a firm that incorporates inventory management.

Identify the type of inventory system (fixed order quantity system, fixed order period system, or a hybrid system) it uses.

Indicate the type of inventory issues the firm has such as stock out costs, carrying costs, order quantity issues, safety stock and EOQ issue.

In your opinion, is their system appropriate for the firm?s business?

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Title: Inventory Management in the automotive used parts industry

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Essay Instructions: According to the Purchasing & Procurement Center (2013),?inventory management starts and ends with supply chain management because many of the opportunities to improve efficiencies start with shortening order to receipt time without incurring additional cost.? This statement sounds clear but to a person who has limited knowledge of the supply chain management could be overwhelming and confusing. What Purchasing & Procurement states is a company must be able to go from step 1 to 4, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Demand Forecasting, and Reverse Logistics, easily and quickly before profits and sales are lost by lack of demand. However, if a company overbuys transmissions to dismantle and sell the cores; internal and external pieces of the transmissions, but the market for one of their largest selling inventory line becomes oversaturated in the marketplace the product is no longer worth more than scrap prices. The market fluctuates continuously throughout the year because of many reasons one being the weather. For example, if the winter we have experienced these past two years continues, older model automotive vehicles will break down less. Thus causing an overstock of transmission parts along with engine parts such as; heads, crankshafts, alternators, starters, rods and pistons. The sales vary upon which parts are in demand because of popularity or known lifespan of certain parts for the automotive industry.

Also, the 3 objectives of the paper include: Inventory Management in the Automotive used parts industry, better efficiency for inventory control, the supply chain management, and the demand forecasting.

In the paper, I need to show firsthand knowledge of the automotive parts industry, how the markets, weather, production, and quality control can make a difference in the sales and inventory management of these parts. The automotive small parts industry is a worldwide market which will show how other countries purchase and use (Venezuela and Mexico) the small parts to sell in their countries.

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