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Reflective introduction essay: This is an essay that introduces your portfolio and argues that you should pass either this class or the entire University Writing Skills Requirement. It is thesis driven, and the evidence mentioned in it must be included in the portfolio although you may choose to include other information such as personal history. You will not receive teacher input or comments on this essay except for an explanation of the requirement and a general discussion of this type of essay, but you can go to the Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) for help on campus. This requirement will help maintain fairness for all students. This essay is an important element of the portfolio and should be approximately 400-500 words.

Basically, explain what are the new things that I have acquired. What am I different now than before. List the new skills that I acquired, including how to write a better thesis, intro, opposition and how to be an un-bias writer. Also, include how I have improved in my grammar and vocabulary. The thesis should be like this: I deserve to pass 1st and 2nd tiers because I've learned .......(list of new writing skills that i have acquired such as using transitions, paragraph development, conclusions, opposition, documentation, grammars and thesis. A persuasive essay. THANKS!!

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