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Title: Narrative in A Bronx Tale by Robert DeNiro

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Essay Instructions: Hi, My paper is supposed to be ten pages long. This course requires a final paper of 10 pages, including title page and bibliography. I will write the title page and I get a free bibliography page with this order. The paper is to be set in 12point Times Roman font, double-spaced.

I chose A Bronx Tale directed by Robert DeNiro. You can mention that Robert DeNiro is famously known as an actor as opposed to a director, but his movie a Bronx Tale is profound.

Seymour Chatman provides a theoretical framework and terminology for understanding film storytelling. Although this theory of narrative is a static topographic system of classification (think this over--there's a lot to digest in the phrase) and does not provide for new elements in a convenient way, let's try to se film through a systemic narrative understanding by applying the essay's concepts and terms. Discuss the complex and compound elements that together make up the whole of a narrative film, identifying these elements within a comprehensive, static structural model that illustrates how elements in a film differ but also how they are related in the overall structure of the story, that is, narratology in both auditory and visual perceptual "channels." Referring to the diagram of these channels that Chatman provides in his essay, discuss how all of the elements can be considered as parts of what he calls "the cinematic narrator" and how they enhance the narrative elements in the film as an art object in itself, that is (to use Aristotle's elements of drama), plot, character, dialog, theme, and spectacle ("special effects"). In a similar way, to you think a painting contains "the painter narrator" or are Chatman’s channels in fact qualities of the film alone? Discuss whether or not you consider the notion of the "cinematic narrator" a valuable contribution to film theory.

DeNiro’s A Bronx Tale is an excellent example of multiple narrative structural devices used to create a "totality of effect." That is, all elements in the film are calculated to move to one single, overwhelming effect. This theory, found in Edgar Allan Poe’s essay, "The Philosophy of Composition," was originally intended as a theory of the "tale" (short story), but can will equal astuteness be applied to film drama. Discuss how the various narrative elements DeNiro employs in A Bronx Tale come to a "totality of effect." Discuss the film in an overall critique of it as a narrative; of course, there should be a summary of the movie. You will need to rent it if you haven't seen it. Discuss the importance of characterization in relationship to the suspence generated by the plot. Discuss how the relationship of narrative parts to film whole and narrative whole as something that transcends the totality of its parts. How is A Bronx Tale a commentary on illusion? What elements of narrative construction are best used in this film? Discuss how the vivid characters relate to one another and the dynamics among Deniro's character, Palminteri's character and Brancato's character. How does DeNiro use music for the overall movie affect the overall message.What elements, if any, are poorly used? What does the movie say about racism, interracial dating and crime.

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