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Title: Internship Plan

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Essay Instructions: Internship Plan- requires students to assess, analyze, prepare, and
present a draft internship. This allows interns to take leadership roles in the development
of their internships.
Using 1 or both activities below:
Strategic Plan
-Review the strategic plan for your school/district. Note personnel involved in the plan’s development, implementation, and evaluation. Investigate support and concerns from the various parties involved.

- Review and compare two different school/district vision statements.
Try to obtain these from two distinct types of districts/schools
(i.e., rich/poor, urban/suburban/rural, regular/charter/private, etc.).
Note strengths and weaknesses of each and make recommendations for
your school/district.

All in all, this outline is to feel as if I met supervisor/administrators to reach consensus on the planned activities and plan local project(s) and various service activities. Decide which individuals to work with, observe, and interview, and compile a networking list of these contacts.

Develop an internship plan that you, your instructor, and your principal mentor can support.
In outline form, identify at least one activity/skill area/standard. I gave you two activities ??" you could either do two internship plans in two pages, or you could choose one activity and complete it at least two pages??"all up to you

You will need this information -- I will be sending you a sample internship plan- to give you an idea(that plan actually confused me-please do assignment as you feel best fit)- Feel free to add anything you’d like- this plan is very flexible- it doesn’t have to be set up exactly like the sample.

Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008
Standard 1
An educational leader promotes the success of every student by facilitating
the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision
of learning that is shared and supported by all stakeholders.

Correlated NASSP Skills: (1) setting instructional direction, (2) teamwork,
(3) sensitivity, (5) results orientation, (6) organizational ability, (7) oral communication,
(8) written communication.
Correlated NAESP Standards: (2) set high expectations and standards,
(3) demand content and instruction that ensures student achievement,
(5) use data as a diagnostic tool, (6) actively engage the community.
Skill and Experience Areas for Standard 1: Vision
1. Vision/mission
2. Strategic plan
3. Data collection and analysis
4. Effective communication
5. Negotiation/consensus building
6. Collaborative decision making

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Title: Career development

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Essay Instructions: Internship/ Job skills analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify internships according to your area of interest, identify the skills required, compare those to the skills you currently possess, and create a plan for how you will attain the additional skills.

Write a paper of no more than 1000 words, using the following guidelines:

1. Identify an internship job or vacancy. Some sources may include web sites, professional journals, or directories. You are not limited to these sources; these are just ideas. Copy the complete vacancy listing for each vacancy.
2. Identify the skills and cation required for each vacancy.
3. Indicate what skills you have and what you still need to attain to be eligible for the internship/ job for each vacancy.
4. Indicate how you will get what it is you still need.

This is my resume which provides my skills and experiences that need to be compared to an internship you find in the field of marketing, management, or advertising.

Samir Yacoub AbuKhadra

Current Address: Permanent Address:
3209 East 10th St Apt: H7 P.O. Box 9773
Bloomington, IN Amman, Jordan 11191
(812) 391-6666


Job Title. Desiring to become a member of a management team of a progressive and challenging firm in the fields of Financial Management, Marketing or General Management, where I can contribute to the growth and the success of such institution by utilizing my creative and leadership skills.


? INDIANA UNIVERSITY Bloomington IN, BSPA, Management, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, expected graduation May 2004, GPA 2.8.


? Arab Student Society - Community Advocacy, Organizing Conferences Fall 2001.

? Member of community service team, Amman Baccalaureate Community Service Team - Reading for the blind and fund raising activities for the handicapped and orphans. Summer 2002.


? Sales Representative at Victor Jordan - June 1st- July 1st, 2002
? Promotions and Advertising Assistant at GSM- July 5th- July 28th, 2002
? Account trainee at Young & Rubicam Amman Jordan- December 15th- January 5th, 02-03


? Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Power Point and HTML.


? Arabic, English, and some French.

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Title: Business internship paper

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Essay Instructions: Internship paper
-I have a internship in (Price Water House Coopers PWC) in Korea July.1.03 to July.31.03(200hr) .but school requirement is only 35hr. so please write essay and journal based on 35hr in that period.
You can make a story what you want because; it is just internship experience paper.

1. Journal with an appropriate amount of daily/weekly entries listing both activities and reflections and their impact. Five entries (at least a half page each) is considered a minimum
a. Daily/weekly record of tasks worked on
b. How did your education (business college learn) fit in the day’./week’s tasks?
c. What did you learn from the day’s/week’s tasks?
d. Reflection at the end of the day/week

2. Paper of at least 10 pages, describing the agency and there of more defining experiences.
a. Describe the organization, where you performed your internship including its industry, mission, size, its products, the organizational culture, history, etc.
b. How did you get the internship? Family connection.
c. Who trained or oriented you? Use any Korean name such as Sung Hoon Kim
d. What activities, responsibilities did you perform?
e. How did your responsibilities relate to your manor? My major is accounting and finance.
f. Describe 3-5 defining moments in your internship.
g. How would you recommend the organization to others? Would you like to work there after graduation? Yes if it is can
h. Do you think required internships are a good idea for our business school students?

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Essay Instructions: Anya Kamenetz article "take this internship and shove it" and Jennifer halperin- 'no pay? Many interns say, "no problem"'
Kamenetz takes a more critical view of internships in " take this internship and shove it" than Jennifer Halperin does in "no pay? Many interns say, 'no problem'". Write 7 paragraph essay in which you compare and contrast their respective points of view. Where do they differ? What points do they both make? Which essay do you find more persuasive, and why? Be sure to document all material borrowed from the story in APA style.

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