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Title: International Political Economy in the U.S.

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Essay Instructions: International Political Economy, that deals with the
inter lap between international relations and economics in the U.S. Specifically, focus on how
political activity has an impact on economics, such as trade policies, and how political
actions often have economic causes, such as the relationship between trade and conflict,
or the impact of economic inequalities across states on policies.

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Essay Instructions: International Political Economy

Please review 4 scenarios of the development of global financial markets, prepared by the World Economic Forum and published in WEF Report 2009.
Please select which of the 4 scenarios you think is the most likely one and provide arguments for your choice. Your arguments should include reference to several newspaper / journal articles or web pages. Then discuss the implications of the chosen scenarios for your company (IT company- local player), as well as what should the company do in order to optimally cope with these implications.

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Title: International Political Economy

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3137 References: 14 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Question: How do the three conceptions of the international political economy (Realism, Liberalism, Marxism) differ? How would the advocates of each assess the phenomenon of global integration? What are the merits and the dangers of “hegemonic stability” in international trade?

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Title: International Political Economy

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Essay Instructions: The book review essay will be based on the book, "After Capitalism" (New Critical Theory) by David Schweickart. In the review one should focus on this question: How has the book helped you understand theories and key concepts in International Political Economy, as well as the nature and future of global political economy?

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