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Title: Interior Design

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Green and sustainable design goes beyond being just efficient, attractive, on time and on budget. It is a
design that cares about how such goals are achieved, about its effect on people and on the
environment. An environmentally responsible professional makes a commitment to constantly try to
find ways to diminish design's impact on the world around us. It is also a smart way of doing business;
sustainable design is the fastest growing segment of our industry.
Source: Sustainable Design Information Center,
Part 1:
With the above statement and with your knowledge of the USGBC and LEED, and your understanding
the importance to recycle and to consume as little energy as possible and to do as little harm, or to
revert the harm already caused to your Earthly environment, your final project is to thoroughly discuss
green and sustainable design and its importance to the interior design profession, to interior furnishing
manufacturers, to builders, and to the health, safety and welfare of your clients, the public.
Part 2:
This project involves your research of specific interior design materials that will meet green design
expectations and LEED requirements. You must also consider volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as
part of your research. VOCs relate to human health issues such as allergies and chemical sensitivities in
interior spaces. Interior spaces must sustain human health as well as sustain the natural environment.
Your research must include materials for the categories / use of products listed below. Be thorough in
your research of the materials and product greenness as to energy consumption for production, use of
natural resources, harm to the environment, and the material’s ability to be recycled. Please also
discuss finishes, sealers, dyes, pigments, and the installation processes including the materials and
adhesives required.
Please note that the products below are generic and that there are many different materials and brand
names that are part of the material categories. You must be thorough in your research of “green”
materials explaining what makes the material “green.” Please list brand name of materials if possible.
Part 2 of this project is to be done in an outline form with listings, phrases and/or comments.
· Wall system materials
· Ceiling system materials
· Glass block
· Glazing / windows (sun control, heat control, insulative quality)
Woods and/or wood substitute products for millwork, furniture and wall paneling (review the
various species of woods and determine woods that sustainable)
· Horizontal surfacing (countertops, bar tops, lab counters, etc.)
· Hard surface floorings
· Soft surface floorings
· Wall finishes (wallcoverings, paints and special wall finishes)
· Window treatments (blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, etc.)

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Title: Interior Design

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Essay Instructions: I need a 3 page essay on interior design. the essay have to be base on a learning experience. My goal is to get 3 college credit for this class. the essay needs to show that I have the knowledge, skills and abilty in interior design. it also have to give examples of how I apply my knowledge into my every day life.

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Essay Instructions: Major- i always had a intrested about interior design
i am very good @ drwing and painting and i am able to comunicate with others by drawing. i express my feelings by painting and using lines. I have passion about art, art is all i want to do all my life and it's all i want to do. i want to major interior design and i want to built houses for poor people who can't affort houses.

I have a compelling need to attend the university of washington because i know that by attending this university my dream of becoming interior designer can be a step closer.
having better education can be a open door to the world. U.W can change my life, persoanl goals.
If i get in to University of Washington i think i will have more chance of becoming sucessful then just graduating from Bellevue Community College. I want to be a proud UW graduate rather than graduates from Bellevue Community College.

i am not only artistic, i am good at everything. i am a great cook and i play piano, flute, sexsophone,violin, and cello. play all these instruments i use my talent to bring happyness to others around chirstmas and holidays to volunteer to play and bring piecesful music to them by sharing my talents .

My personality is very out going, when i was little i spend almost every weeken to spend time volunteering. Community servisces, such as helping post office works and i also helped a lot of disability people. to help them eat and wash be their friends. it made me happy to see their smile on the end of the day. i loved to explor the world. i been around all over the country to see other people's life style. from that i learned a lot how people live diffrently and they have their own things to be proud of. seeing more and more made my mine very open and free. from all these things that i've experienced, i became a better person and gave me a great confidence and freat skills. which i can use it to become a master of my life.

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Essay Instructions: i want this letter of purpose to SAIC - School of the Art Institute of Chicago

i want to study master of architecture with emphasize in interior design

i studied becholar 4 years in saudi arabia in interior design

i took a training work shop in architectural geometry in Vienna in summer 2011 which make me more intrsting in studing architecture

also i worked as architect assistant

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