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Title: Interdisciplinary Studies

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Essay Instructions: Interdisciplinary Studies
Assignment 1: Comprehension Assignment
As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you will often be asked “what does that mean?” Or, “what are you going to do with that major?” For this assignment, pretend that a prospective employer has just asked you: “What is Interdisciplinary Studies and why did you major in it?” How would you respond? Write your response and submit according to the following guidelines.
Be sure to include:
• A succinct explanation of what interdisciplinary studies is
• Why you selected the major
• How interdisciplinary studies benefits the business world
• What transferrable skills you’ve learned from interdisciplinary studies

This paper needs to be in your own words. No quotes or citations from any sources.

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Title: What Employers Like About Interdisciplinary Studies Majors

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Essay Instructions: Unit Three Exercise
(due at the end of week six)


Turn to page 95 in chapter six of the Augsburg book to the section entitled, "What Employers Like about Interdisciplinary Studies Majors"

Evaluate all 14 bulleted items listed on page 95. (I will scan and attach this page for reference)

Put each trait/characteristic into one of two lists:
Traits/characteristics that you have
Traits/characteriscs that you do not have
Define each trait/characteristic. There is a text book definition for some of these terms, however, do not copy the word for word definition from the book. Read, assimilate, and interpret the information, and then explain it in your own words. Be as comprehensive as possible.
If it is a trait that you have, in addition to the definition, provide personal examples and explain how having this trait helps you.
If it is a trait that you do not have, in addition to the definition, explain why you think you might be lacking this trait and what you can do to obtain it.
College level writing is expected.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure are always important. Having someone else read your paper sometimes helps.

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Title: metaphor for interdisciplinary studies

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Essay Instructions: Create an original metaphor for interdisciplinary studies. In doing so you should be able to not only create your metaphor but also be able to justify or explain it. Make sure you are comparing interdisciplinary studies, which is an abstraction or something unfamiliar to some people, to something concrete or vivid. Avoid comparisons to a person or animal. How does your metaphor increase your understanding of interdisciplinary studies? Submit as an attached Word document.
Usually compares something concrete with something abstract.
An example of this may be trail mix or a smoothie.
Use your OWN WORDS when writing this. Make it simple and easy to follow.

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Title: Understanding Interdisciplinary Studies

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Essay Instructions: Lesson 3: Understanding Interdisciplinary Studies
Assignment 1: Using Szostak’s 12-Step Process
Directions: For this assignment, you will develop an interdisciplinary question and follow Szostak’s 12-step process of interdisciplinary study. Be sure to read the instructions for each step carefully and take time to research and reflect on your answers. You do not need to perform extensive library or internet research to complete steps 4, 6, 7, and 8; a cursory search will be adequate for this assignment. For the questions that ask you to list, simply provide the list. For all other questions, write a paragraph response.
• Develop an interdisciplinary question.
• Identify at least 4 key phenomena.
• Identify relevant theories and methods (at least 3).
• Perform literature survey. Write a paragraph summarizing your findings. You must cite at least three sources. Be sure to use correct APA style for your references.
• Identify relevant disciplinary perspectives (at least 3)
• Revisit theories, methods, and phenomena that have received little attention. Revisit at least one. Describe it below and explain if anything was gained by revisiting it.
• Evaluate the results of previous research
• Compare results of previous research
• Develop a more comprehensive/integrative analysis
• Reflect on the results of integration
• Test results of integration
• Communicate the results
For Szostak’s 12 step process it can be found via Google, if you have any other question just email.

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